Nookie with Bette Davis

July 8, 2006

Nookie the Cairn TerrierI brought “Nookie” Valentine – a six month old Cairn Terrier – over from Harrods in London and he was my faithful companion for 12 years.

While living in West Hollywood, I once ran into my reclusive neighbor (whom I had never met) Bette Davis, as I was walking Nookie. She smiled, and in that voice of hers said “What a cute little fella….what’s his name?”

When I told her, she quickly backed up into her apartment building….and I never saw her again.

One Response to “Nookie with Bette Davis”

  1. Hunter George Says:

    I thought you were going to say you lost her once and was wandering around the neighborhood yelling “Nookie! Where is Nookie! Here Nookie!” and the police came and hauled you away. LOL

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