Happy Belated Birthday, Cameron Crowe!

July 16, 2006

Happy Belated Birthday Cameron Crowe
Cameron…How ya’ doin’? It’s been about ten years since I saw you, and met your wife, Nancy. It’s hard to believe that you were only fifteen, when we all used to hang out! Every time I see one of your films [ “Almost Famous”, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, “Jerry McGuire”], or hear one of your unforgettable lines, “Show me the money”, or “You had me at hello”, I can’t help but smile! And to think, you’re only starting to reach your potential!

Happy belated birthday!

Regards Artie Wayne http://artiewayne.com

Photo from left to right-Al Stahaley, Julia Orange, Cameron Crowe, [leaning on pole]

Bottom-left to write- Artie Wayne, Allan Rinde, David Rensen

Photo by Patti Dahlstrom Copyright-2006

2 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday, Cameron Crowe!”

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