The “Shit” heard ‘Round the World!

July 18, 2006

Everybody’s talking about the word, President Bush, uttered yesterday, to Prime Minister Tony Blair, in an unguarded moment before an open mike. He was asked by a reporter, later in the day, if his off the cuff remark deserved such attention? Bush smiled and said, “What the Fuck?”

3 Responses to “The “Shit” heard ‘Round the World!”

  1. lowlights Says:

    Actually, Bush smiled and then asked, “Who gives a fuck?”, silently mouthing the final words of the query, “you left-leaning media cocksucker.”

  2. I don’t think our president would ever use that kind of word, you asswipe. I think the FBI should come after you. You think this is funny? Next time you’re walking down Palm Drive, watch out for that non-descript black chevy going real slow.

    A Friend

  3. lowlights Says:

    Hilarious – best impression of a frothing nitwit I’ve read in a millenium.

    And the immediate reverting to threats of violence and that cliche about the black Chevy; god, I am holding my sides.

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