Welcome Back New Orleans! The Power Of Music

August 2, 2006


Although each of us has our own concept of New Orleans, as it once was, whether we have actually been there or not. We all carry around some piece of it’s musical heritage, which we share with people from all over the world.

An “Old” New Orleans lives on in films and tv shows, while a “New” New Orleans is seen emerging from the devestation of last years hurricanes. I can see hope on children ‘s faces and a determination among adults that I’ve seldom seen in my lifetime. It’s heartwarming to hear about the special concerts and CDs that have been made to benefit the hurricane victims by artists like Michael Jackson, Aaron Neville, The Neville Brothers, Harry Connick, Jr., Usher, R.Kelly, and Coldplay.
Like everybody else, I can’t wait to hear the newscasts report that all of New Orleans is thriving once again! A place where family, friends, and pets have all been reunited. The “Power of Music” and the generousity of it’s people cannot be denied!

Remembering what Louis Armstrong once said, “It’s A Wonderful World!”

2 Responses to “Welcome Back New Orleans! The Power Of Music”

  1. Music Master Says:

    Personally, I thought this music was the best. My forum has been packed with new age comments. Sort of cool!!

  2. I found free music downloads and more on this blog that I thought was illegal to do. Why or how can someone offer copyrighted materials like that

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