Russ Regan, The Man Who Signed Elton John, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, And Barry White

August 8, 2006

I’m proud to present the second in my series of “Unsung Heroes”, the powerful men behind the scenes in the music buisness. Russ Regan “is the man”…because Russ Regan “was the man” who signed some of the biggest acts in the buisness!

The general public may not know his name, but he’s responsible for selling over one billion records and CDs. The former head of UNI records and Twentieth Century Fox records, shares some never before told stories from the past and gives us a preview of his latest project, which many are predicting to be his greatest acheivement.

Artie Wayne on the Web and Spectropop proudly present the exclusive Russ Regan interview, just click onto

4 Responses to “Russ Regan, The Man Who Signed Elton John, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John, And Barry White”

  1. Vincent LaFata Says:

    Hello, I was signed to 20th Century Records in 1974 Russ Regan was of course the President. Ron Dante (Barry Manillow co producer) produced us. Terry Cashman and Tom West (Jim Croce-producers) made the deal with Russ. The album “Jonah” was a wonderful album but never broke through, we always believed the label was making so much money with Barry White that we were ignored, in retrospect who knows?
    How could I find out what ever happened to our master recordings since the label went bust? I would love to have them??? Thank you, great site.

  2. Russ signed me to UNI and recorded my PINKINY CANANDY album back in 69. Russ was a great guy and had big ears. The industry would be alive and healthy today if we had more folks like him.

    Michael Chain
    Michael Chain Band

  3. Stumbled upon this from the WordPress tag dash – I manage LA/SF radio DJ Dave Diamond’s website.

    I worked for Russ back in 2005 doing college radio and social media promotion for his imprint Velocity Records, and I know him because of Dave Diamond.

    No idea Velocity still exists, and it’s been a while since I’ve spoken with Russ. But I may have an email address somewhere – I’ll check and if the lead is warm I’ll let you know.

    If you’re in to classic 50s, 60s, and 70s California (LA and SF) rock radio / “Boss Radio” (the Bill Drake era) then you may dig the Diamond site – I’m in the process of archiving a ton of his old airchecks.

  4. Ethededdy Says:

    защо не:)

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