French Fry In Their Own Bullshit!

August 17, 2006

I don’t believe that, the French who were supposed to lead the U.N. Peace forces into Lebanon, have reduced their participation to sending only ten officers! Why don’t they throw in some humanitarian packages filled with copies of “The Little Prince?

Just remember, the French are always there when they need us!

4 Responses to “French Fry In Their Own Bullshit!”

  1. Patti Dahlstrom Says:

    They will know us by our actions. It is not surprising that over six million in France are now Muslim. Some small towns have forced all women to wear Burqas. They have lost their country through socialist appeasement. England has begun expelling Islamo Fascists from their country. Will America wake up too late?

    Nicole Kidman and many other significant Hollywood celebrities have placed an ad today calling on America to wake up to this very real threat.

  2. Icarus Says:

    Whenever a frog gets testy with me, I just remind them they’d be speaking German in their country if not for us!

  3. Norman Says:

    Around 25% of the world’s population is Islamic (the largest number being in the former USSR). So, as far as France is concerned, 6mill is around 10% of the population, below the global average. Another survey has suggested that 70% of French Muslims don’t actually go to mosques, which suggests that religion is more of a nominal thing – you follow your family rather than any other deeper beliefs or practice. Now that gives me hope – I just wish it applied to all other religions too.

    What I want to know is: what is the problem that some Americans seem to have with France? The last bout seemed to be because their political leadership in 2003 wouldn’t support a UN resolution against invading Iraq. Good for them, I say. They wouldn’t have over 2,500 of their own military dead to contend with.

    Going back to Patti’s posting: “Some small towns (in France) have forced all women to wear Burqas”. Which towns exactly? None that I or anyone else has ever heard of. Was it an edict by these small towns’ authorities – not that any in any part of France is Islamic-controlled? No, because this has not happened. Did you follow the public debate of a few years ago about the French state actually banning Islamic girls from wearing veils / headscarves in schools (there are long-standing laws prohibiting religious edicts in the education system)? Was this appeasement too?

    There’s a lot of Islamophobia around these parts. And a lot of casual racism and nationalism. How can anyone condemn a whole nation in an insulting, dismissive fashion? It’s over-simplistic and crude. The French need us, do they, Artie? As much as we need them, is the simple answer, and no amount of name-calling is going to change that.

  4. Gilles Says:

    Thanks Norman,
    I’m a ‘froggy’ and I may assure, like you did, that Patti is badly informed. As for Icarus, he has to forget Lafayette and human rights! And it has to be the style ” whatever we did we are always right “! See the results in Iraq. And to Artie who disappoints me a lot, inform you better before aspiring anything!
    And… I came on this blog to listen to “Rock’n’Roll Heaven”… What a pity !

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