Patti Dahlstrom – Emotion

August 19, 2006


So many of you have been asking to hear the song and see the artist that Russ Regan, who has sold over one billion records, raves about! (see Aug. 8th blog)
Artie Wayne On The Web is proud to present Patti Dahlstrom, from her 20th Century Fox Album, “The Way I Am”…”Emotion” (Dahlstrom/ Sanson)

33 Responses to “Patti Dahlstrom – Emotion”

  1. It’s a great tribute to a great song “Emotion”
    -Sebastian Prooth

  2. Mark H. Says:

    I haven’t heard this one since January 1974. I can’t believe it was here for the listening; thanks for putting it up.

  3. jeff c Says:

    Fantastic! I have all the albums but they’re not of much use these days. I wish these would end up on CD.

  4. Gordon Shaffer Says:

    Can anyone please tell me where to get “your Place or Mine” on cd- I wore out my lp years ago and cannot replace it.

  5. Patti Dahlstrom Says:

    To Jeff and Gordon.
    If you send Artie your adresses, I’ll be happy to make up a CD and send it to you for cost.

  6. don dunn Says:

    I’m looking for Patti, have been for years now. Somebody help me find one of the best friends I ever had.


  7. don dunn Says:

    Patti, my contact info is on my website ( I just spoke to brownlee in Italy.


  8. Margot Knuth Says:

    “Emotion” single-handedly got me through high school. I’m now 51 and was delighted to be able to hear it again. I had some of the words wrong, but was surprised at how well I remembered it. Is it available on CD any where, or as an M-Peg file?

    Very many thanks for making my day brighter!

    Margot Knuth

  9. Barbara Blanco Says:

    My husband and I have been looking for you for years. We were living in Los Angeles in the early 70’s and saw you at the Troubador with Paul Williams. We went out and bought your album right away. For years we have looked for you and finally I found this thru google. We want your CD with Emotion on it. We would also like more information on you and do you still perform? Listening to your song today brought back so many fond memories and tears to our eyes. Please let us know where we can purchase this CD. You have made our day today. Warm regards Jorge and Barbara Blamco

  10. Trevor Says:

    Hi Patti. It’s your nephew Trevor out in California. You know the whole reason I live out here is because growing up I always wanted to be like you đŸ™‚
    I’m so proud to be your blood.
    Love Always,

  11. Annie Gipson Says:

    Hi Patti
    This is Annie Gipson. I just wanted to say Hi and I have
    always loved your song Slim and Olabelle. As a young kid
    I rode my bike to the Grove record store by Avalon(!!!)
    and bought 2 of your records. I always thought you sang well. If you read this please give eveyone my best.

    PS I miss the Christmas’s of long ago.
    Take care

  12. Don’t know what made me think of you I remember you from LA when Dave Diamond sent me your psoter and you sent me your record. We were at Kiis in LA! That, I believe, was one hundred years ago!!!

    Hope you’re well. I’ve been playing country music for 20 some years, and now here at Y108.

    All the best,

    Stoney Richards

    • Patti Says:

      Dear Stoney
      Well, it’s 2 years later and Artie suggested I look at these posts. I remember you well. I’m living in London now, still in touch with Dave, and wanted to let you know I have a new CD compilation put out here in the UK.
      All the best,

  13. Antoine Says:

    I’m Antoine I was the road manager of Andre Williams for the last tour.
    We played in London at the Luminaire and Patti did an interview of Andre. She wrote me an email with some pictures… But I had a prblem wtih my email box and I lost all my contact and mails so do you where can I have her email contact.
    Thank you very much

  14. Joel Adams Says:

    In the early 70’s I would go to see Patti Dahlstrom at Tulagis in Boulder. What a wonderful singer! And, as I remember, a genuinely nice person. I have very fond memories of her music and would love the opportunity to hear her on CD. If someone has these available, please let me know.


    Joel Adams

  15. Anthony Ambrosino Says:

    Hello Patti

    Its Anthony how have you been its been such a very long tme I saw Trevor on this website and a lot of old memmories of a life i left behind came flooding to me I wonder how Graham has been and would like to talk to him and who knows maybe hop a flight back home to see himm anyway if you have time please call me at 818 720 2846 or just email me so i might touch base hope your well and God bless

    Anthony Ambrosinop

  16. I hope through this site I can connect with a long lost friend of mine…His name is Gordon Shaffer…while searching him out I found nothing but this post from him asking about one of Patti’s albums “Your Place or Mine”.
    I’m sure it’s the Same Gordon Shaffer, Patti is one of his favorite Singers. I know it’s a longshot but if you are able to forward my email to him I would be so Grateful.I can’t seem to find him any other way.

    Gordon, if your out there look me up on myspace
    Thanx Artie.

  17. Ted Munda Says:

    Hi Patti,
    Just wanted to touch base with you also. Hope all is well in your life. I just remember the Windy City and “The Ten Commandments”.
    Ted Munda

    Capstone Vortex Healing Resorts

  18. To Patti and Artie a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for being the
    “6th degree” of Gordon Shaffer. đŸ˜€

    If it weren’t for the Musical Connection through Patti and Your Web Blog I might have never found him.
    The fact that you cared enough to do a Pay it Forward…I am Forever Greatful.

    Theres a Magic in the Sound the Music Resonates within our Souls and calls us back to a Time and a Place,and the Friends that made our Lives SO Special.

    Thank You Again!!

  19. jim sulins Says:

    Man oh man,
    I was on 20th too. I went to see Patti one night at
    the Troubador, and some of us went to her house afterwards. I tell you, I was like a love sick puppy. She is so beyond beautiful. It was like the air around her was charged with “love me” protons. I could hardly speak, and I’m sure I acted like a complete idiot.
    Thanks Artie for the chance to remember that,
    All the best,
    Jim Sullins

  20. deborahauton Says:

    Hi Patti

    Lindsay and I met you this evening sitting next to you at Sunset Boulevard. I just wanted to say it was a great pleasure to meet you and we both had a lovely time. Lindsay is putting on a play next week that she’d love you to come to. My email address is and Lindsay’s is so if you’re interested we’d love to see you again.

    I found a song of yours online also and loved it, you have a very beautiful voice. I would love to buy a copy of your CD from you if at all possible?

    It would be wonderful to see you again but if our paths do not cross we will remember this evening with great fondness.

    Hope to see you soon,


  21. Phil Rogers Says:

    I hope this shout-out from a fan reaches you. I’ve been listening to your album ‘The Way I Am’ since I bought it in the early seventies and never dreamed I’d be able to actually contact you! The music is wonderful and certainly stands the test of time. I have recently digitized and cleaned-up my original vinyl to make sure your music is with we for years to come! Are there any thoughts of re-releasing any or all of your catalogue in digital format?
    Thank you for this incredible music.

  22. joseph suber Says:

    hello artie. long time. email me? quick question for you.

  23. Jeremy Teissedre Says:

    Hi Patty,

    I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but I came across an interview of VĂ©ronique Sanson from last february, and she clearly said that your version of Amoureuse was by far her favorite. I thought you might want to know this.

    And I definitely agree

  24. Patti Says:

    Phil! To answer your question, yes I have a deal to re-release 20 of the 40 songs on my four albums. RevOla, a subsidiary of Cherry Red in England is working on the licensing now. Thank you so much for being interested after all this time.
    Stay tuned!
    Patti Dahlstrom

  25. Patti Says:

    Thank you for the heads up on this Veronique article. It means a lot to me that she liked what I did with her melody, as I’ve never met her!
    I look forward to reading the article..if it’s in English!
    Patti Dahlstrom

  26. Rene Bell Says:

    Your brother Fred and I were friends in the 70’s, when you were already spending most of your time in California. Among other things, we spent a lot of time working on the attic train set and playing sandlot sports. I still have my vinyl copy of Livin it Thru (sorry to say the cover fell victim to a water leak that claimed many jackets) and plan to replay it soon. Fred and I have fallen out of touch and I came across this blog while looking for him. If possible, please let me know how to track down Fred and Edie.

    I look forward to hearing about the re-release. My turntable is getting a bit hard to reach!

    Best regards,


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