“Rock And Roll Heaven” – Internet Smash!

August 23, 2006

Sebastian Prooth’s brilliant video of Alan O’Day and the late Johnny Stevenson classic, “Rock and Roll Heaven”, featuring Ronny Kimball, has been played thousands of times on eleven internet sites in the past 24 hours! If you haven’t seen it scroll down to my previous post and click onto Elvis’ triangular eye!

If you like to read about some of my “Brief Encounters”with some of our late rock heroes including Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Croce just click onto http://artiewayne.com/pg9.html

One Response to ““Rock And Roll Heaven” – Internet Smash!”

  1. Stephen-Craig Aristei Says:

    Once again the team of Artie Wayne and Alan O’Day have scored another great work! Artie is still the greatest song doctor and writing coach in the biz. I think the song (Rock & Roll Heaven) is not only due but will be a number one hit for Brooks & Dun, or for a “pop” sensitive producer like Norro Wilson or Barry Becket or Carl S. (where the hell is Paul Davis anyway?). Hell, even Billy Sherril will have to like it (it’s got all your heros in it dosent it!). It is so refreshing to hear a lyric with such heart-felt expression. I still think Easy Evil is also due (and this time it will be a huge hit)…and my all-time favorite is Replace the Face! Alan O’Day and Artie Wayne are proof that true talent (though can be developed) – once it is THERE – it can never be held down or denyed. The pengelum will swing once more – and this time it will go the other direction and only great songwriters dare apply ! And talents like Artie Wayne and Alan O’Day will once again be recognized fot the talents that they are!

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