Power Of The Psychic Vortex!

September 12, 2006


What if there were a way to amplify every prayer we pray to an unlimited degree? What if we were able to focus and combine the power of our prayers with those of others? It would be like a snowball rolling down a hill…gaining mass and momentum…but instead of destroying everything in its path it would form a protective shield around everything it touches!

It may sound like science fiction, but it’s spiritual fact. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but this kind of power, with the help of God, can be harnessed.

I recently discovered the “Psychic Vortex “ by accident, during a meditation using deep relaxation techniques I was taught thirty years ago. I complained to my friend Patti Dahlstrom, who also learned this method from Dr. Henry Mundt, that after practicing it for so long, it had become un-interesting. She suggested that I alter the way I was taught to reach my deepest point of meditation. Instead of walking “down” a flight of stairs, I walk “up” or I go “sideways.” In the process I found a new tool.

One night, as I was flying through a dense fog over Houston, I started to pray and built a “Psychic Vortex” to protect our plane and all of its passengers. Suddenly, the plane drops a few hundred feet, narrowly avoiding a mid – air collision with another aircraft! A coincidence? I think not.

A few months later, while I was meditating in my Hollywood neighborhood, a series of earthquakes came disturbingly close, but bypassed my apartment complex. Further proof to me of the power I had discovered.

Today, as our troops enter the most dangerous aspects of the war in Iraq, we can help them, all U.S. citizens and all of our allies, by creating “Psychic Vortexes “ of protection. We can visualize our family and friends, pets, communities, even entire countries, and in Jesus name ask for healing, protection, and guidance.

I’ve written out, as simply as I can, the way to create and use this incredible gift that God has given us.

First…in a quiet, semi-darkened room with your eyes closed, lie down on your back on a bed or a couch or sit up in a straight chair with your feet flat on the floor, palms upward.

1. [Inhale] hold your breath for a count of Two………1…………….2………….[exhale]

[Inhale] hold your breath for a count of Two………1…………….2………….[exhale]

[Inhale] this time hold your breath for a count of Five

[Exhale] then repeat the sequence called “Two–Two–Five” again

[Inhale] 1…2 [Exhale]… [Inhale] 1…2 [Exhale]…
[Inhale] 1…2…3…4…5 [Exhale]

Ask God to protect you from negative forces as you start your journey.

2. See a flight of stairs. Starting at the number 100, count backwards slowly to the number 1, visualizing each number as you descend.

3. When you reach the bottom, ask in Jesus name to build a “Psychic Vortex. “ Then climb up an imaginary ramp at a 90-degree angle 90 steps, until you reach the top. Then come down the imaginary ramp on the other side at a
90-degree angle for 90 steps, until you reach the bottom.

4. Then say,” Positive thinking brings results I desire. Positive thinking brings results I desire. I trust in God “ over and over until a wave of good feelings sweep over you that lets you know your “Psychic Vortex “ has been received. When you’re at the deepest level, visualize who or what needs your help and ask in Jesus name for the “Psychic Vortex” to help them. ”Positive thinking brings results I desire. Positive thinking brings results I desire. I trust in God”.

5 Then say” Everything is in Divine Order, and I’m part of the Divine plan. Amen.”

6. When you’ve finished, visualize taking an elevator up to the place where you started.

I really don’t know how all of this works, I just thank God that it does!

Regards, Artie Wayne

P.S. If you’d like an MP3 of me talking you through the steps of this meditation without charge or solicitation just e-mail me.

© 2006 – Artie Wayne artie_wayne@yahoo.com

Glow in the dark wearable art at top by Artie Wayne http://artiewayne.com/art_4.html

4 Responses to “Power Of The Psychic Vortex!”

  1. I found your post really interesting and it has really improved my knowledge on the matter. You’ve assisted my understanding on what is usually a hard to tackle subject. Thank you!

  2. psychic Says:

    That was a intriguing read|. Your insights were very informative and made me reconsider the current developments in these areas. If only more writers are as mindful and as passionate about informing the population regarding these issues as you, we aspiring journalists wouldn’t get such a bad rep. Thank you for expressing yourself so articulately. You made my day.

  3. starboy138 Says:

    This is a good discover, and I commend you for putting it to good use. Truly there are a lot of benefits for psychic abilities aside from just psychic predictions”

  4. Scientist Says:

    Are you fucking serious? Metaphysics is not a science. Its bullshit. Youre all fucking crazy

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