Jerry Ross – The Man Behind Spanky And Our Gang, Bobby Hebb, Keith, Jay and The Techniques, Not to Mention Shocking Blue!

September 25, 2006

Dick Clark and Jerry Ross at American Bandstand

Artie Wayne On The Web and Spectropop proudly present my interview with legendary producer/ songwriter/ and entreprenuer Jerry Ross. When you read my in depth talk with my old friend and sometime songwriting collaborater, you’ll discover a new connection to songs that you’ve loved all your life. Just click and enjoy!

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4 Responses to “Jerry Ross – The Man Behind Spanky And Our Gang, Bobby Hebb, Keith, Jay and The Techniques, Not to Mention Shocking Blue!”



  2. James Holvay Says:

    Artie: Thanks for the indepth interview on Jerry Ross. Although I had the distinct and ultimate pleasure of having him produce 2 albums for my group The MOB. I never knew much about how he got started in the business. While growing up in Chicago, I had followed Jerry’s writing & producing career (i.e. “Candy & The Kisses”, “J. & The Techniques”, “Jerry Butler”, and the list goes on.), for years. I was one of those guys that read all the information on the labels, backward, forward, upside down and sideways. We’d been producing ourselves and had absolute zero luck in being able to capture our sound on record. God was watching over us, the nite we met Jerry. It was on our closing night and final show at the Americana Hotel in Puerto Rico. He was vacationing there with his beautiful wife April and happened to see our last show. He approached me after our performance and said, “Hi, I’m Jerry Ross. You guys are great and I’d like to produce you.” It’s not very often that you get to meet your idols but it’s got to be one in a million that they would want to produce you. Well, my mouth dropped open and I started to rattle off everything Jerry had ever recorded. I ran back to the dressing room and yelled to the rest of the mobsters,”Hey guys. Our ship has finally come in. Jerry Ross wants to produce us!” We flew back to LA the next day. Ed Lefler (our manager), called Jerry and 2 weeks later, we were in NY at Bell Sound, recording our first, professional album. The songs, production, arrangements and performances, still stand up today. Thank you Jerry. I’ll always be grateful to you for getting The MOB our first break through performance on record and charted singles. You are the best.

  3. Steve Valenzio Says:

    I’m sure you remember my brother, Jerry, self proclaimed Mob #1 fan. I was a teenager when he took me to see you perform every time you were in or near Chicago: PePe’s, Prime & Tender, Navaronne, Godfather III, Attic in Milwaukee. We spent a lot of time backstage goofing off between sets and going to breakfast after the last set. I just downloaded your albums from vinyl to CD and they sound better than ever. Jerry passed away 13 years ago. Please send me an email, I’d like to catch up with you and hear what’s been happening for the last 35 years.

    • jayjay331 Says:

      @Steve Valenzio…did you ever get in touch with Jimmy Holvay of The MOB? Check out The MOB fan page and the MOB (Official) pages on Facebook…. I help admin The MOB fan page… I’m from Chicago… Mike Baker.. a relative of Jim’s created a new MOB Website too…

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