Dancing With The Stars! And Jerry Springer In The Biggest Fight Of His Life!

October 3, 2006

Kym Johnson and Jerry Springer

Up until last week, Jerry Springer the controversial talk show host, had a leg upon the competition…then he finished in the bottom two. Who knows what’ll happen tonight?

Although I enjoy watching them dance on”Dancing With The Stars”, I tune in just as much to hear the songs they use for the dance numbers that range from the ’50s up to the present! If you haven’t noticed there aren’t many songs on the radio and TV that you can actually sing along with these days and Harold Wheeler (The Musical director) of Dancing with the Stars is a master of matching the right song…to the right dance! Who knew that Britney Spears’, “Toxic” was a tango? Hip Hop is OK, but how many times can we, “Throw our hands in the air…and wave ’em like we just don’t care?”

It’s been years since I went out dancing at a club or singing in a Karaoke bar but now there have been quite a few places on TV like “Duets”, “Americas Got Talent”, “Supernova”, that keep me singing and dancing in my dreams. I can’t wait to see Simon Cowells new show “THE X-FACTOR”…I hope it’s enough to hold me over ’til “American Idol” returns in January!

One Response to “Dancing With The Stars! And Jerry Springer In The Biggest Fight Of His Life!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hard to believe that another season of DWTS is coming. I was actually pretty impressed with Jerry Springer. I didn’t think he was going to last very long but he sure proved a lot of people wrong.

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