Today We’re Celebrating Three Months Of Artie Wayne On The Web!

October 7, 2006


I want to thank everyone who came to visit Artie Wayne on the Web in the last three months making it one of the fastest growing blogs on the internet! But enough frivolity…let’s get on to todays story.

17 Responses to “Today We’re Celebrating Three Months Of Artie Wayne On The Web!”

  1. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    Well, I suppose that, considering how transitory and sped-up the world of the Internet can be, three months on the Web is indeed something to celebrate … but I think you and your blog will be around for a LOT longer than that.

    Happy Anniversary, anyway. Pet your cats for me.

  2. Sam Cooper Says:

    As always, I love reading your anecdotes! May three months just be the tip of the iceberg…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
    Sam Cooper

  3. Bob Hanes Says:

    It is a great pleasure to wish you, Artie, a very Happy Anniversary! I so enjoy the stories and the “close ups” of so many musical heroes of mine that you have worked with over your illusterous career!
    I hope you/we have many many more “anniversaries” in the years ahead. Thanks a million for your kindness, talent and all that this blog has brought me!

  4. Alan O'Day Says:


    Congrat’s on three months of successful blogdom. I’m glad that technology has given you a forum for your positive thoughts, interesting ideas, & memorable stories. Blog on!

    Your friend,


  5. Stephen-Craig Ariistei Says:

    Artie Wayne coming to the web…..I must tell you all that no one can imagine how this one single event will change not only how we all view the web, but how we view the world around us – for the rest of our lives, as well…..Artie Wayne has always had a unique way of viewing everything….Things we all “take for granted” are seen and interpeted completely differently by Artie Wayne….And in doing so, and by expressing and sharring with us these unique views, he makes us all realize how short-sighted and limited our own selfish points of view are. Congrats Artie on your three month aniversery and welcome to the brave new world – the Wild and Wolly Web…….I know you will soon find a way to make it work for you in ways no one to date has ever imagined and in the process, bring us all along with you on this new, exciting and wonderous journey……2-2-5….Right on brother right-on!…..The god father and originator of the Warner Raiders and the greatest Song Plugger that ever lived….god bless nookie….and you.
    The Best Always,

  6. Laura Pinto Says:

    Hi Artie,

    Your blog posts are always so enjoyable, informative, and a pleasure to read. The three months just flew by. Thanks for making the world a happier place. Happy anniversary!


  7. Patti Says:

    Is this the same Artie who shied away from computers? Now running a successful blog is a perfect vehicle for your Aquarian expression! Thanks for all the insights and great stories.

    Into the future,

  8. Mick Patrick Says:

    Hi Artie,
    Wow, those three months just flew by. I love reading
    your epistles, almost as much as I enjoy watching this:

    Hey la,

  9. Brian Ibbott Says:


    Congratulations on your “Bloggiversary”! The web has become an even richer place with the stories, anecdotes and insights that you’ve offered over the past 90 days. Hearing about some of the unknown stories of music’s finest artists is something that you’ve been generously bringing to us, and I look forward to more!

    Brian from Coverville

  10. Jana Says:


    More Artie all the time!!!

    Thanks for all your laughs and insights and most of all, thanks for sharing your prayers and 2-2-5 breathing with me…it helped me go through one of the most painful and difficult operations I’ve ever had (a total knee replacement).

    Even in the recovery room, when the pain was more than I thought I could bear, I could hear your voice from the mpeg you send me, and I calmed myself down enough to lessen the pain, go with the pain and make one of the fastest recoveries my doc has ever seen. I feel that I owe a lot of that to you, Artie. And when I was back home, there was your blog, with so many laughs and things to think about….you are a true original, my friend. May you have many more months and years that we can all celebrate together!

    All my best,

  11. Todd Everett Says:

    “Here’s to you
    Here’s to me
    Here’s to a hap-py ann-i-vers-ary…”

    My blog (which I named and hosted for three months)

  12. John X Says:

    Happy Anniversary to my good brother Artie. It’s always good to wake up and find some mail that doesn’t relate to enlarging my “unit”, or some Nigerian who has a gazillion dollars he’d like to share.
    Yours have been interesting and insightful contributions and I thank you wholeheartedly for them!

  13. barry oslander Says:

    You have always been a leader of men, a follower of ladies and with this said…..good luck with the web site and keep it going till you get a gig. As for my statement above, i have no idea what it means so please don’t ask. Warmest and best, Barry O

  14. Hey Artie:

    Wow, it certainly dosn’t seem like so much (or little) time has passed. I am really pleased that the blog we created to together for you has worked out as it has done and that you are getting everything out of it that you hope to.

    I can only wish you three more months of passionate blogging before the real hell starts – and you get syndicated 😛

    Happy Blogging and Congratulations.


  15. Artie, I remember congratulating you on the occasion of one of your 39th birthdays.

    It’s not hard to imagine you putting them into a book “Music’s Hedda Gabler” and getting primo display space right next to the checkout counter at all Gristede’s on Broadway….. so prolific a web-pundit before you turned 40!

    Don’t stop. You’re one of a kind and relentless.

    PS – If you ever happen to find my “Imagine” painting…

    xo, ken

  16. Wasss Up Artie!!!!!!!!. You are Da Mann!!!. You are a mine of information, and a wealth of opinion, I love it!!!. Stay well my friend, I’m always tuned to this site. Thanks mate. J.D. Nicholas

  17. Mark Wirtz Says:

    Dear Artie,

    I wish to express my deepest regard, admiration and respect for your consistent demonstration of brilliant, original, thought, acerbic wit, astute insight, profound creativity and literary skill, fairness and, most of all, humanity.

    Not only have you given much to many of us along your path, serving generously as a role model, inspiration and protective champion, but you continue to do so, defiantly and with emotional honesty.

    You are the ultimate hero — one who cares so very much, yet possesses the courage not to give a shit.

    I applaud you.


    Your friend and fan,


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