Did Karl Rove See The C.I.A. TV Recruitment Ad On “Dancing With The Stars”?

October 12, 2006

Jennifer Garner in “Alias”

After months of media driven speculation on who leaked the name of C.I.A. agent Valarie Plame to the Press I was surprised to see the C.I.A. come out of the closet! I was watching “Dancing With The Stars” on tuesday night, trying to figure out which couples were making beautiful music together when the cameras were turned off…when I got the shock of my life. As I was waiting for the results from the judges, among the regular commercials I saw a recruitment ad for the C.I.A.! Yes…at one time one of America’s most covert operations, was advertising on one of televisions most popular shows, looking for new agents!

After searching the Net for more information, I found that the ad was running on the Discovery channel and also ran during “The Simpsons”. I can’t wait to see Jennifer Garner, who played C.I.A. agent Sidney Bristow in “Alias” make her pitch for the agency in their  new video!

In the meantime, if you like to see the 30 second clip that ran the other night, click onto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg4_MuV4MpY&eurl=

For more information about the C.I.A. go to http://cia.gov

8 Responses to “Did Karl Rove See The C.I.A. TV Recruitment Ad On “Dancing With The Stars”?”

  1. Boe Says:

    Jennifer Garner is a CIA agent.

  2. Phil M. Says:

    Hi Artie, I haven’t seen the CIA recruitment ad, but I have heard some radio ads lately seeking new membership for another secret society, the Freemasons. Could all the old walls be finally tumbling down?

  3. Huh. This is wacko. In my 20 years on this earth I have never heard of the CIA recruiting on TV or anywhere else. Jeez.. I think that the agency has lost alot of people…maybe Daddy Bush has fired shitloads..-Sebastian..

    Oh and btw.. Jennifer Garner is hot.

  4. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    I saw that ad myself, and – after realizing it was for real – pondered the WEIRDNESS of it. The CIA feeling compelled to recruit new members through TV ads – something’s wrong here.

  5. Brian Says:


    Yes, she’s hot
    No, she’s not an agent
    No, they don’t NEED agents…they get over 10,000 resumes a month. TV ads are good PR, Jennifer was a huge star and they wanted her to represent them. It wasn’t a recruitment ad, it is to explain the CIA’s overall goal. Done.

  6. Brian Says:

    A little more to help my point…..this is from an article.
    On the CIA video, Garner would provide the introduction and possibly a closing statement, said CIA officer Chase Brandon, the agency’s liaison to the entertainment industry.

    Although the world of Alias, which involves colorful disguises, exotic locales, frequent gunplay and lots of backstabbing and double-dealing, has little to do with the real-world interests of the Central Intelligence Agency, Brandon said the organization would use familiarity with Garner and the show to highlight its own clandestine service

  7. helena Says:

    umm…jennifer garner did a recruitment video for the cia, back in 2003…


    though i can’t seem to find video of the clip ANYWHERE in the internet. boo!

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