When TV Commercials Attack-Another C.I.A. Recuitment Ad Runs Last Night On Mad TV!

October 15, 2006


Bobby Lee of Mad TV

I’ve always been a fan of TV commercials…and find many of them to be much more entertaining and informative than the show I’m watching. I’ve also wondered how far some of them would go to sell their product? In the past 24 hours, I’ve seen commercials on broadcast TV that have left me a bit dazed and confused! Pepto-Bismol has a new one running with Mega-Monsters singing and acting out their infamous jingle that includes the classic lines, “For Headaches…Upset Stomach…and Diarrea!” Informative? Yes. Entertaining? Perhaps…but not while I’m having my dinner!

Burger King has also launched a new campaign, one that hawks hamburgers that are so good they make you want to “sit” to enjoy them. In fact he announcer promises they’ll make you, “Full Of “Sit”. What are we all going to see next, a progressive mortuary that offers a “Pay Now…Go Later plan”? Hear a new theme song for Trojan condoms…with James Brown singing, “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”?

Finally, I admit It took me two days to work up the courage to write about the C.I.A. TV recruitment ad I saw on “Dancing with the Stars” last week. The once highly secret organization has never taken scrutiny lightly from the media and I imagined the same would go for bloggers! Logic told me, however, that if they were going public like this then they wouldn’t mind being written and talked about. So far nobody has shown up in blacksuits and sunglasses threatening to beat my ass. So I guess it’s safe to continue.

I don’t have Tivo so I sit usually sit through the commercials. Last night as I was watching the hilarious antics of Bobby Lee on MAD TV, they ran a 30 second recruitment ad for the C.I.A. I wonder how many people who saw that ad, knew it was for real…and not just a parody? I also wonder if and when the media will examine this Phenomenon? If you want to see what i’m talking about watch this!


2 Responses to “When TV Commercials Attack-Another C.I.A. Recuitment Ad Runs Last Night On Mad TV!”

  1. Dave Mora Says:

    Damn, I saw that and I though it was a parado. Now, I think it was not so clever marketing. LOL

    Dave Mora

  2. Joe Nelson Says:

    “Head-On… Apply directy to the forehead…” If you can’t actually say what the product does, what are you hiding. “It’s actually a highly lethal skin-absorbed toxin, if you’re dumb enough to follow instructions from a TV ad blindly then you deserve what you get. Bye 🙂 “

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