Exclusive! – Bush And Rumsfeld Fistfight On White House Lawn Should’ve Been A Clue!

November 8, 2006


Although I have no political preferences and consider myself an original thinker…I did breathe a sigh of relief when I heard about Donald Rumsfeld this morning! I’m not sorry I voted for Bush, however, can you imagine where we’d all be if the other asshole had gotten in?

Why couldn’t John Kerry be content with Kazakhstan, the little country, his wife bought him as a consolation prize for losing the election? Why did he shatter our illusions of him with a comeback so lame even David Hasselhoff, on “America’s Got Talent”, would have trouble giving him a thumbs up! You know I’m kinda’ glad there’s been a shake up in Washington. There should be a change of administration every now and then…like a diaper!

As far as Nancy, Condi and Hilary go…I say throw ’em in a large cardboard box and may the best man win! Talk about nasty campaigns…Shit, you don’t have to wait ’til 2008. just click on now to “You Ain’t Woman Enough To Run This Land” http://i.euniverse.com/funpages/cms_content/13180/HillaryCondi_HoDown.swf

Copyright 2006 by Artie Wayne

6 Responses to “Exclusive! – Bush And Rumsfeld Fistfight On White House Lawn Should’ve Been A Clue!”

  1. ChaOS Says:

    Lamest thing I have ever read… Thanx for wasting my tyme.

  2. Counry Paul Says:

    Sorry, Artie – I’ve met Kerry, and he’s not the bogeyman or weenie that Repubs* paint him to be. He was a genuine war hero who had the courage of his convictions to admit his mistakes and go forward. He is a very smart man who, I must agree, does have a bit of foot-in-mouth disease (if you’re not a comedian or naturally funny, don’t tell jokes**); but if Bush’s multiple verbal gaffes had been taken as seriously as Kerry’s was, he’d have been gone long before – and the country would have been better off for it.

    And Nancy Pelosi isn’t the pinata Repubs want her to be seen as either; I believe she’ll try to pull forward from the middle. Heck, look at some of the Democratic victors; not a few are more conservative than some of the Repubs who were replaced. But at this point, anything besides the radical right-wing tilt of the Bush ideology is going to feel like a sea change. And, in my opinion, it’s about time.

    Good riddance to Rummy; it’s a great start.

    Also, that cartoon has been around and around and around. It’s time to give it a rest; I would wish neither of those ladies to be living in the White House.***

    Still your friend (I hope),
    Country Paul

    * I’ll start calling the other party by its full name when they start respecting the Democratic party and use our full name (it’s NOT the Democrat Party; that’s a conscious linguistic distortion introduced by Repubs “because it sounds bad.”)

    ** Kerry indeed has a sense of humor, but it’s seen to its best advantage in conversation and in situations of the moment, not in prepared jokes – as he has proven.

    *** My current choice for ’08 would be Barack Obama; as I see it (and hope I continue to see it), he’ll have two more years of experience, but not so much that he’ll be corrupted by the entrenched bureaucracy by the time he runs.

  3. david plenn Says:

    Let’s see…where would we be if that other “asshole” had gotten in? You’re kidding right? What possible aspect of this administration’s record could not be improved on? How about that first “asshole” – Gore? Think about where we’d be now…no Iraq…no deficit..no tax cuts for the wealthy…need I go on? Yeah, that would be tough.

    As for Kerry’s lame joke, the funniest part was Bush’s response: “He obviously doesn’t understand the power of words.” Tell us about it, Mr. Bring-em-on!

  4. Not to mention a much better US policy with regards to Kyoto and global warming. For the 6% of population of the world that uses up 40% of the world’s resources that would’ve meant a big change.

  5. David Rosner Says:

    Omigod, Artie. I’m not sure which asshole you mean, Gore or Kerry, but either way, we’d be stopping terrorists instead of creating them in Iraq, a criminal waste of American lives and money. We’d also still have the respect and admiration of the world community as we’d always enjoyed. Passing a law preventing Medicare from negotiating with drug companies for lower prices; one veto: embrionic stem cell research; converting the biggest surplus in history to the largest deficit; in hock up to our, and our children’s, ears to China and other countries; the loss of habeas corpus. I won’t take up more space here, but the Dixie Chicks had it right, except substitute `America’ for `Texas’. —David

  6. angelica Says:

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