Exclusive Photos! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton On Top Of Britney Spears!

December 4, 2006

lindsa_1.jpg paris-yes.jpg

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton on top of Britney Spears!


When Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan hang out together, And separately, can the devil be far behind? Men who once stared at women’s breasts during a coversation, finally have another place to look! Last week, on “The View”, Rosie O’Donnell, held up a pair of tiny red panties she supposedly bought Britney. This gave her an excuse to hold up her own huge “Granny Panties”, it might have made the audience laugh…but I’m sure it made all the men who were watching shrivel up in horror!

Now that a video of Michael Richards in blackface has surfaced, how are his “Spin Doctors” going to handle that? Are they going to call it a “Tribute” to Stepin’ Fetchit? What is frightning about this are some of the comments made by the thousands of people who have seen it over the last few days! Click onto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVt6eoKB9sw&eurl=

The Sunday morning political talk shows had quite a few Democrats recently “emboldened” by the mid-term elections, who sound as delusional as the current administration does! What it comes down to is, everybody wants to get out of Iraq but nobody knows quite how to do it! I’m sure that our ( I mean their, ) Prime Minister will be urged to make a premature statement that Iraq is ready to govern itself, and get America off the hook. I just hope we leave a few troops and enough nukes to thwart those who are eager to make a “Shish-ka-bomb” or a “Korean Bar-B-Que” out of all of us!

As far as the Iranians go, we should be afraid…very afraid! In my youth I went out with a few Iranian girls who actually told me that they were brought up to tell people what they wanted to hear, then go out and do the exact opposite. One of these girls was the beautiful daughter of a deposed general, who was exiled to the United States along with the Shah of Iran. I admit it was exciting to wonder who was following us on our dates, her father’s bodyguards…or the Secret Service! All of this danger, brought us closer together, and she revealed many aspects of her culture I never knew about. She told me that Iranian men showed no quarter to their enemy and were fierce warriors because they weren’t afraid of dying! It was only when she told me that she feared for my safety, did I take our cultural differences seriously! We continued to see each other secretly, which led me to co-write my first hit song, ” ( Meet Me At) Midnight Mary” (Raleigh/ Wayne). I lost touch with her after she ran off with some Cuban Freedom Fighter!

I’ll tell ya’, It’s becoming harder and harder to avoid politics, when we can almost hear God whispering to the Earth, “Your 15 minutes are up!” What’s really scary is the possibility of Hilary Clinton actually becoming President…I would only feel confident if she chose Danny DeVito as her running mate! At least we’d have a few laughs before we all had to “Duck and Cover”!

Copyright 2006 by Artie Wayne

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FLASH!!! Lindsay Lohan Voted People’s “Skank Of The Week!

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Shocking NEW Photo – Is This Really Britney Spears Pussy? Click onto https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2006/12/13/if-its-on-the-internetits-gotta-be-true-is-this-really-britney-spears-pussy/

26 Responses to “Exclusive Photos! Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton On Top Of Britney Spears!”

  1. Joe Nelson Says:

    The problem with “Midnight Mary” is – take it from an industry insider – railroad work is neither hard nor long. I honestly don’t know of any other field where you get paid so much to do so little. And any attempt to increase productivity just shuts the whole shebang down altogether. In passenger railroading, the operations are government subsidized to keep fares down. By law, if you end up running a profit you have to pay it to the government to pay down the subsidies, and you’d be surprised how creative the suits can be about losing money when the pressure’s on to not deliver. Yet I’ll keep the back story in mind next time I hear the song.

  2. Country Paul Says:

    I’m a proud Democrat, but Hillary isn’t my Presidential choice either. (At this point, Barack Obama is.) But if the Republicans don’t show me someone I can vote for – someone who will bring back the true fiscal conservatism and social laissez-faire attitude of traitional Republicans, then I’ll vote for anyone with a chance of winning opposite them.

    By the way, that’s a great story behind “Midnight Mary”! I never would have guessed! (But I still like Jerry Cole’s version better than the Joey Powers’.)

  3. extrapolater Says:

    Heh – I have an Iran article for you!


    I can’t wait to see the trailers for this movie.

  4. vipnews Says:

    Well I was surprised tooo, to see britney wearing clothes. lol

    I actually came here cuz I thought I would find some other/new crotch shots of britney apart from the ones that I already have on my blog. http://vipnews.wordpress.com/2006/12/05/britney-spears-upskirt-flashing-shaved-pussy/

  5. That was a trick to get traffic. Shame on you. Those pictures are extremely old of all three, thats how I know you must not be that up with the celeb-media frenzy. You should just title your posts what they’re really about–I’m sure they’d still rake in the traffic.

  6. Sam Cooer Says:

    Years from now, looks still won’t be able to carry on a meaningful conversation…

  7. paintboy Says:

    I give thanks to God for not making me blind.

  8. Yoga Says:

    nothing new under the internet sun

  9. the record keeper Says:

    U can say what you want but I find Britney a very beautiful woman! There is too much jealousy on the internet these days…

  10. Yeah, you’ve got to be careful with those Persian women….weren’t they the downfall of Alexander the Great?

  11. Truth... Says:

    I sent this to cnn.

    First off I bet you don’t read my comment over the air because it is not in line with your right wing political views. I will post this email I sent you to other web sites for this reason, just to show people how one sided the cnn network is. Any ways how can Britney and her friends be degrading feminism by not wearing panties? It was my thought that feminism stood for equal treatment and thats why I thought I should support it, however if feminism has shifted it’s focus from equal rights and instead decided to focus on Britney’s wild behavior then I would say the cause of equal treatment is lost. I think the bigger question here is what harm did Britney do? Are we as a nation to say that it’s fine to send troops over seas to defend a freedom that is not real in the first place? The truth of the whole situation is that you have made a mountain out of an ant hill and the only people that rely care about this situation in the first place is bitter angry people who feel the need to attack anything related to women who decide to share their sexuality openly yet these same individuals are fine with letting violence run ramped all over the T.V, I would say their priorities are out of line. In closing how can any one be offended by what Britney did unless they go out of their way to go look at it on the internet, and if you go and look and you are offended this is not Britney’s fault, It’s your’s. It’s exactly the same as if you asked some one to let you eat a food you knew you did not like and then you blamed them for that after you ate it.

  12. […] I was really excited last sunday when Artie Wayne on the Web reached the 50,ooo mark, representing all the people who have blogged on since we started five months ago. Today, one week later, we’ re over the 100,000 mark! What was it that brought everyone here? The brilliant reporting, the exciting stories, the hilarious jokes? Or was it those pictures of Britney, Paris and Lindsay? https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2006/12/04/exclusive-photos-lindsay-lohan-and-paris-hilton-on-top-of-britney-spears/ […]

  13. hoyt6119 Says:

    paris is hot

  14. blogsap Says:

    can’t say you lied. i love that picture of brit.

  15. Dazzr Says:

    Don’t blame the girl for the demand! The people who take the shots and people that publish them are the people that are in the wrong. BUT GOD BLESS EM!!

    I wish that people wouldn’t just click on the first web page to find things. This just puts useless topics and sites at the beginning of all the lists on Search engines!!! Look at the descriptions!

  16. Is this Paris burning?

    Would one’s life be incomplete without knowing about it?

    This page deserved to be read for Artie Wayne’s writing rather than Ms. Hilton’s antics per se. She is the kind of person that Mick Jagger once defined as “being famous just for being famous”.

    And, unlike, say, blues singer Taj Mahal, she may have a real estate-y name, but she’s unlikely to become listed!



  17. run dogg Says:

    The title is well chosen….

  18. Hi there, I’m using Ubuntu Linux 9.10 and the Dillo 1.9 web browser, and your page looks rather screwed up. Might want to look into it. I’m out!

  19. Paris is the most beautiful woman in the world. I swear thats the truth. Her hair is amazing and I would love to get a similar hairstyle. Her picture should be in the dictionary next to the word beautiful lol its true. Incredible body. Beautiful eyes. Perfect skin and what a sexy style. The hottest girl I have ever seen in my life thats for sure.

  20. I have been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they find these people? They’re from another planet!

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