GOODBYE 2006 – HELLO 2007!

December 31, 2006


I don’t know whether to say goodbye or good riddance to the old year…but I do know I’m optimistic about the new one! All of us here at Artie Wayne On The Web, promise to continue to give you the “Best in Truth, Entertainment and Bullshit!”

If you scroll down to the next article, you’ll find, ” The Best Videos and Websites Of 2006″, which a couple of “cool cats” put together for me! It’s not only entertaining but a valuble resource you can use for years to come.

Finally, if your going out tonight and you want to have one for the road…make it a cup of coffee, with a little man in it who’ll remind you not to drink and drive!

Wishing you all the best…and of course a HAPPY NEW YEAR!                                           From Artie Wayne On The Web..and Whoppy And Streaker on the couch!

One Response to “GOODBYE 2006 – HELLO 2007!”

  1. ebitmanagement Says:

    Happy New Year to You too.

    From Sweden


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