Guide To Best Of Artie Wayne On The Web From July 4, 2006 – January 15, 2007

January 14, 2007


The Most Popular Blogs

1. Brief Encounters…Short Pieces involving celebrities

2. Little Stories on Big People… ( A page or so each)

3. Interviews with Men who’ve shaped our music and Pop culture

4. Tributes to music people who’ve passed away “R.I.P. Rock In Perpetuity”

5. The Weekly series “If It’s On The Internet…It’s Gotta’ be True”

6. “Breaking The Motown Sound Barrier” 3 parts of a 4 part series

7. Essays

8. Whoppy and Streaker

9. Expose’s, Controversies and Observations

10. Spiritual…Paranormal

11. Music and Lyrics

12. Top lists

13. Personal Triumphs

2 Responses to “Guide To Best Of Artie Wayne On The Web From July 4, 2006 – January 15, 2007”

  1. Pete Bilderback Says:


    I am trying to figure something out. I recently picked up an old single that you are credited as a songwriter on, “The Subway Train That Came To Life” on Cameo Records by The Third Rail from 1966. First, is this the same Third Rail with Joey Levine and Artie and Kris Resnick? (I see from a post here you represented Artie and Joey). If it is the same Third Rail, was this their first release? Finally, since both Levine and the Resnicks were all songwriters why did they use outside writers for their (presumably) first single?

    BTW, this is a very nice blog, I enjoyed reading about you and your career.

    Many thanks,

    Pete Bilderback

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