January 31, 2007


SIDNEY SHELDON  2/11/17 – 1/30/07

I became friendly with Sidney Sheldon in the 80’s, when I was hosting Genghis Cohen, the Chinese restaraunt I named for my friend, Allan Rinde. Although it was starting to become a trendy hangout for the “Brat Pack”, Hard Rockers, Country divas, and Pop Icons it was Sidney who started bringing “Classic Hollywood” through it’s doors!

I couldn’t help getting excited everytime Sidney made a reservation! He always was in the company of the most interesting people in the World! Among others, he introduced me to Academy Award winner Sidney Poitier, US Ambassador John Gavin and international financier Marvin Davis. He always treated me like his guest as opposed to a guy working in a restaurant. Although I acted like I owned the place, I wasn’t one of Allan’s partners. Sidney knew this and after leaving a generous tip for the staff, which I didn’t particpate in, he’d slip a fifty or a hundred dollar bill in my pocket before he left!

When he started throwing big dinner parties at the restaurant, I felt honored and flattered that he asked me to put them together for him and privately host them. When he said he’d leave the menu up to me, I had to confess that I didn’t know shit about Chinese food and it was Allan’s choice I was hawking! He laughed and said he trusted me to take care of everything…and I did!

Although I was familiar with the TV shows he created, “I Dream Of Jeannie”, and “The Patty Duke Show, I never read one of his super successful novels, “The Other Side Of Midnight”, “Master Of The Game” or “Rage Of Angels”. Just knowing, however, that he became a novelist after the age of 50 has been an inspiration to me and thousands of writers all over the world!

Although he won an Academy Award, a Tony, and A few Emmys, I’ll always remember him as one of the humblest, most genuine people I’ve ever known with an incredible work ethic. The biggest tip he ever gave me, came after his passing…and through a newscaster who quoted his philosophy, “Don’t talk about writing…Do it!”

I’m doin’ it, Sidney…Thank You! R.I.P. Rock In Perpetuity!

Respectfully, Artie

From my forthcoming book, “I Did It For A Song”
Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne



For more of Sidney Sheldon’s philosophy, bibliography and list of credits and awards



  1. Thanks Artie, I knew the name, but thanks to this review of his accomplishments I now know the man. I remember Genghis Cohen as being one of my favorite restaurants, who knows I may have dined one night while he was there!!!!!. I enjoyed his TV shows, and can’t go by a book store without seeing one of his titles in the window. Thanks my friend for jogging my memory. Peace out, J.D. Nicholas. The Commodores.

  2. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    I’m glad Sidney Sheldon was such a nice guy and that Artie (for one) has such fond memories of him. And I love the TV shows that Sidney created. But…WOW! Want to read some of the nastiest movie/TV reviews ever written? Just look up the reviews of the films made from Sidney’s novels! I don’t think I’ve ever read a positive review of any of them. (Full disclosure: I haven’t seen any of the movies myself, nor – like Artie – have I read any Sheldon novel.)

  3. Richard L Lauzon Says:

    I never knew much of your works, but, now I have discovered whom it was that entertained so many of so many ages with the astute and proper shows and screenplays for those of their age and I nor my friends ever felt out of place being in front of the T.V. with my girls as I tried with all of my might to raise them with morals, and it was a contributing fctor that my girls, ten years apart both enjoyed your shows as I did as I never felt uncomfortable in their presence watching with them and enjoying their laughter and interests.
    I do thank you, Mr, Sheldon, and I do believe that as Christ said:” there will be a resurrection for the righteous and the unrighteous,” and I’ll see you “re-stand” there if I am one of the fortunate ones that smiled at my girls as they both grew up with the moral fabric that I wanted to see in the adults that I had raised, I am going to “go” soon, maybe in 10-20 years, I don’t know, but, thatnks a lot for your visionary foresight and insight into the human spirit, as you are the one writer and author that made me feel comfortable in my own home in front of my own girls and wife as we smiled and laughed together, and even cried together when you called for it in your writings.
    Thank you, Mr. Sheldon, and no, sir, I do NOT have the pleasure of enjoying a site of my own, but, I have said those words in my heart anyway.
    Yes, I found a good man, many men and women that wrote so as not to humiliate their entertained clientele.
    It takes a man to show restraint, and I am glad it was you, and now, I know who it was that gave pleasure and happiness to my small but happy family now that I am a great grand-father, …I hope to die happy now.
    At the least you have helped me in my cause.
    Richard “Fourstrings” Lauzon

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