Love Is More Than The Color Of Your Eyes!

February 11, 2007


Love Is More

Music by Richard Baskin Lyrics by Artie Wayne

When I first saw your face…my mind was in another time, another place.

Now I’m here and I can realize…Love Is More, than the color of your eyes.

I can touch your face again…but this time I won’t overlook what lies within.

Take my hand, see what I’ve become, I am more than all the things I’ve done.

Do you think we can start again? I want to know you.

Come and lie next to me…you’ll see another side I never let you see…I can give,

Like you can give to me, and it’s so much more than we thought love could be.

And when Love Is More…Love Can Be Forever!

Copyright 2007 by WayneArt music and Richard Baskin music

For Elmer and Lou, Mick and Polly, Winnie and J.P, Otis and Nancy, Lillian and Barbarosa…….

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