Send A Very Special Valentine’s Day Card With Your Own Dedication For Free!

February 12, 2007

When I was growing up most disc jockeys on the radio would have a segment of their show for making dedications from one listener to another. Most of the songs requested were romantic and struck a positive emotional chord. Many people who didn’t have the ability to express themselves would say,”Listen to the words of this song…this how I feel!”

Pop music has always been a reflection of our culture, and sadly our society is currently awash in a sea of negativity and songs about love are outnumbered by raps about lust! I pulled 3 songs from my catalog that express a feeling you might want to share with someone special…You have three cards to choose from.

1. “Someone In This Crazy World Loves You” By Patti Dahlstrom and Artie Wayne

2. “Somewhere Between The Earth And The Stars” by John Crowley and Artie Wayne

3. “Love Is More Than The Color Of Your Eyes” by Richard Baskin and Artie Wayne

I started a list of dedications at the end of each song, if you want to add a special name or two to that list e-mail me at and I’ll add up to 3 couples names on your behalf on whichever title you want.

If you want to leave your own message, however, you may do so at the bottom of each card which will remain on display forvever!

I promise you that each e-mailed dedication will be entered by Valentines Day 6:00 AM Pacific time, and can be accessed by anyone you wish by sending the url in the address bar at the top of each card.

Remember “Romance isn’t dead…it’s only sleeping!”

Copyright 2007 by Artie Wayne

6 Responses to “Send A Very Special Valentine’s Day Card With Your Own Dedication For Free!”

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