The Grammy Show Itself-The Biggest Winner!

February 12, 2007


Dixie Chicks Sweep Grammys With 5 Awards!

I was holding my breath when the 49th edition of the Grammys came on last night. I was hoping for the best, but braced myself for a disappointment. I was actually shocked at how good the show was! I have a long history with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, from being a member in the 60’s to becoming a Vice- President under Jay Cooper, in the 70’s, as well as sitting on the Board of Govenors.

My biggest complaint has always been the artists who appear on the telecast who are there to promote their latest release, that sometimes leaves you wondering, how the hell did they get nominated in the first place? Last night was different, every artist who performed did a song that was not only one of their best, but one that was familiar to the public. I’m sure that when the artists saw each other in rehearsal and realized what they were up against… and the bar was raised!

My favorite performances of the evening were by John Mayer, Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown and the Dixie Chicks…and I look forward to watching the videotape I made over and over again! Congratulations to the Dixie Chicks for winning 5 awards, Mary J. Blige 3 and to an array of the most deserving recipients I’ve ever seen!

I also want to congratulate my long time friends, Steve Cropper who won a lifetime acheivement award with his group Booker T. and the M.G.s, and John Densmore, who won with his group, The Doors.

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One Response to “The Grammy Show Itself-The Biggest Winner!”

  1. Alan O'Day Says:


    I agree with your assessment of the Grammy Show.

    I was so struck by the energy, dedication, & vision of the artists, that I practically felt guilty for doing nothing about my career during the commercials!


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