Come On…Get On…The Bus Boy Bus! They’re Servin’ Up A Really Good Time!

February 16, 2007


Brian O’Neal and The Bus Boys, “It Must Be Saturday Night!”

The acomplishments of the Black architects of Rock and Roll, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino have always been underappreciated and still largely remain underacknowledged. So tell me, what chance does an African-American Rocker have competing in today overwhelmingly “White” Rock and Roll World?

Every now and then a Black artist will make it through like Sly Stone, Rick James and Lenny Kravitz whose music has elements of early Rock and Roll…but actually is a fusion of Rock, Funk, R+B, punk, and/or Psychedelia which makes it easier to pigeonhole and fit into an acceptable radio format.

I’ve actually heard some white kids say, “What do Black people know about Rock and Roll?” What do they know? SHIT…We invented it! Although I enjoy groups like U2, All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day, the Rock and Roll of today is more about angst, alienation, sexual obsession and other dark topics than it was at the beginning, when it celebrated the joy of life!

Brian O’Neil and the Bus Boys have brought that joy back and over the years have remained true to the original spirit of the genre! What I’ve heard, so far, of his “Future Retro” music has entertained me, made me smile and makes me want to hear more!

I first met Brian in 1982, when I was hosting Genghis Cohen, a top Hollywood restaurant. Brian was riding high with the hit single “The Boys Are Back In Town” from Eddie Murphy’s “48 Hours” (which will be out on DVD in April) and became a regular customer. When I started creating wearable art, he bought a hand-painted graffitti shirt for his girlfriend and asked me to add, “A Hard Man Is Good To Find!”. His sense of humor, is indicitive of what you’ll find in his music…but “That’s like tryin’ to tell a stranger bout Rock and Roll!” you can download “It Must Be Saturday Night!” from the forthcoming Bus Boy Album, FREE for the next two weeks!

“Come On…Get On…The Bus Boy Bus! They’re servin’ up a real good time!”

Copyright 2007 by Artie Wayne

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6 Responses to “Come On…Get On…The Bus Boy Bus! They’re Servin’ Up A Really Good Time!”

  1. Ellen Sander Says:

    Yah! Busboys! Yah! Brian! Groove ON!

  2. Don Williams Says:

    Yeah Ellen! Brief and to the point. I second that emotion.

  3. Dan Carlin Says:

    Thanks for singing the praises of Brian O’Neal, who not only is a very cool rocker, but who also donates mass amounts of time helping high-school kids discover and refine their own music.

  4. carlos Says:

    was watching “48hrs” the movie(nick nolte&eddie murphy, the sound track was enjoying of brian oneil and the bus boys.I want a dub of the music. e-mail me back on some info for that thanks anyone for the info. carlos

  5. pj Connolly Says:

    I first saw the BusBoys back in the early ’80’s and I was hooked. I got the chance to meet original guitarist Victor Johnson and I asked him what it was like playing with the BusBoys and he told me, “I don’t care who I’m playing with…I just wanna ROCK!” Pretty much sums up the BusBoys whole career.

  6. Mark Lyon Says:

    I met Brian and the Busboys in 1979/80 when they were playing clubs in San Diego and Santa Monica with groups like ‘The Naughty Sweeties’. They were great. Brian was so approachable, he would return phone calls and leave door passes back in those days. Years later it was great to see them, on video, opening for Eddie Murphy and to hear their song on ’48 Hours’.

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