Examining Animal Rights And Wrongs!

March 22, 2007


It breaks my heart every time I hear of another pet dying from the 60 million tainted cans and pouches of wet dog and cat food that has been recalled. I get outraged when I realize that there is very little legal recourse that can be taken because animals are considered property rather than a member of the family. Shit! I’ve had some pets I’ve liked better than some members of my family!

It’s been a week since Menu Foods of Canada, told the public of the danger that face their pets if they eat their food sold in the the U.S. under almost 100 different names and they aren’t any closer to finding out what is causing animals to die from kidney failure! What amazes me are the stats released yesterday, which show the company tested the food months ago and one out of six animals died from eating the food! ONE OUT OF SIX! Wasn’t that enough reason to keep the product off the market?

Isn’t anyone out there looking out for our little pals? Where is PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals? Isn’t this a cause they should champion, instead of the self-promoting stunts they pull to draw media attention? Who do you turn to even get information about this crisis? Here’s a place to get daily updates on Menu Foods Pet food recall  http://www.howl911.com/  but what do we do now?

As I was writing this article, a new exterminator sent by the landlord, came to my door. I told him I had 2 cats and asked him if the chemicals he used would be safe. I also threw in that I was once hospitalized by noxious pesticide fumes and suffered from severe allergies and respritory problems. He smiled and assured me that what he was using was absolutely safe and everything would be ok in 15 minutes.

I quickly drew up a paper I wanted him to sign that said;

I understand that you are highly allergic to pesticide and you and your pets might be at risk. I guarantee that you or your pets will not be harmed from the chemicals I use (please list). Along with his signature I asked for his name, company, drivers license and exterminators license number. At this point he had me speak to his boss. Who said there was no problem and I could come back safely to my house after eight hours. EIGHT HOURS is not 15 minutes! Obviously the exterminator who told me 15 minutes was lying. He wanted to come in, spray, collect his money and leave.

My white tomcat Whoppy is currently under doctors care for an eye infection and I will not put him, his girlfriend Streaker or myself at risk. I asked the landlord to give me at least a weeks notice so I can find a place for us to stay until it’s safe to return to my apartment…fortunately he’s a cat owner, so I don’t anticipate a problem.

I’ve always tried to help animals but now I realize it’s going to take millions of us pet lovers to really make a difference in how pets are perceived and subsequently treated. Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Copyright 2007 by Artie Wayne


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Here’s an article for people who consider their animals to be friends not property. https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2006/08/07/for-cats-and-dogs-who-keep-us-hummin/

9 Responses to “Examining Animal Rights And Wrongs!”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Here are three very informed and up-to-date sites which are dedicated to reporting the truth surrounding the Menu Foods pet food recall:


  2. Alan O'Day Says:


    I share your frustration re pet food. One commentator on TV the other night said that the FDA does not even inspect animal food manufacturers unless there’s a problem!



  3. steveo Says:


    I agree with your accessment of the pet food situation..
    Thanks for posting this important blog…


  4. Alanna Says:

    I also agree. I’ve been keeping up with some veterinarian’s blogs, and they have been very distressed that the companies didn’t even bother to tell THEM of the recalls. No emails, faxes, nothing.

    AS for PETA? PETA is a bunch of lunatics. Don’t expect anything from them, except some million-dollar billboard ads. See Petakillsanimals.com for more info.


  5. Alanna Says:

    Oh, by the way: You asked, what should we do now? I have a background in veterinary medicine. If you fed your pet any food brand from this list, get them to a vet and have their bloodwork done ASAP. Sometimes it takes some time for renal disease symptoms to show up, so blood values are a very quick and life-saving way to spot it early.

    Also, I’d like to point out Menu’s tests that resulted in a 1 in 6 death rate were done after the first cases were reported, not months previous, and were done to confirm the problem. Here’s a timeline:

    0 days (Feb 20): When the first cases were reported.
    7 days (Feb 27): When Menu Foods started testing.
    7-18 days: When their test cases were dying (one in six we now know).
    25 days (Friday, March 16): When they finally issued the recall.

    They still waited too long to release the recall, but not as long as you implied.

  6. lia Says:

    as if people’s pets dying weren’t enough, they’re killing more animals to figure out why! why is no one making any noise about that? these homeless animals are just as important as our lucky ones who share our home. in ontario, if your pet is lost and you don’t find them in time, they could end up in a lab enduring horrible tortures. it’s time to put on our political thinking caps and turn up our consumer power to protect ALL animals unable to speak for themselves. for more information, visit http://www.animalalliance.ca/projects/index.html and click on pound seizure.

  7. Alanna Says:

    They need to confirm that the food is causing death and what symptoms it causes to be better informed. It’s sad, but unfortunately there isn’t much way around it.

  8. John X Says:

    Well, if in fact pets are considered property (my property can’t lick my face, I don’t know about anyone else’s), then at least wouldn’t this be a case of nationwide vandalism?

    Of course, now I have just read that the toxin causing this is a rat poison. So how did it get in there? Although as yet no criminal investigation seems “necessary”.

    Ellie Mae’s gettin’ cheeseburgers for a while.

  9. tailypoe Says:

    Animals go through a finite amount of suffering for a limited period of time. forget it.
    Human Rights first.
    Have A Nice eternity.

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