Daily Pet Food Recall Updates!

March 23, 2007

Until the pet food recall crisis is over you can get daily updates here! Thank you for your e-mails asking about the health of Whoppy and Streaker. Fortunately my friend Sunny Smith talked me out of feeding them wet food many years ago and they aren’t at risk. Sadly, millions of pets are…but you’ll be able to know what’s going on and what’s being done to help our little pals.

Menu Foods Pet food recall http://www.howl911.com/

Pet Connection http://www.petconnection.com/

Itchmo http://www.itchmo.com/

Special thanks to Nikki for the above links

For my article on Animal Rights and Wrongs https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2007/03/22/examining-animal-rights-and-wrongs/

9 Responses to “Daily Pet Food Recall Updates!”

  1. Sunny Smith Says:

    Artie, I don’t remember telling you not to feed Whoppi and Streaker wet food. However I’m glad that they’re safe.
    It turns out if that was the information then . I was wrong. Wet food is good for giving your animal plenty of water. Hopefully this will all get ironed out before too many people loose their little friends. I know that you would be devastated Artie as would I. My heart goes out to all the people who have had to watch their trustworthy little friends suffer and die.

  2. Joe Nelson Says:

    Hi, Artie – must say muchios gracias for all you’ve offered on this issue. I was on the phone within ten minutes of reading your blog the other night to my wife in South Carolina about the health of Spooky, the underaged (unweaned for those who wonder) kitten we took in back in January. (She’d been eating a lot of Iams, supposedly because of the quality – did you notice the way store brands and top shelf items co-existed on the list? Makes ya wonder…) In any case, she’s doing fine. I knew you’d want to know.

  3. Vicki Wagner Says:

    Hi Artie,
    Thanks for the updates on the pet food crisis.
    I’m amazed at how many pet owners are unaware of the scope of this crisis. The top news story on GMA on 3/27/07 was the pet food recall. It seems veterinarians believe the pet death toll could be as many and 1000 and they think it could go to as high as 10 times that!Pet Owner DESERVE the truth. We’ve been misled for too long about mass manufactured pet food. ALL PET FOODS ARE NOT ALIKE, but “how do we tell the difference you ask?” I CHALLENGE all pet owners to LEARN how to tell the difference by viewing a video at http://www.pamperedpetzone.com it goes into great detail about the manufacturing processes of pet food. If the products you are using do not offer any manufacturing information or are not AAFCO and APHIS certified find something different. Good luck!


  4. Catherine Says:

    Vicki, thank you for finally bringing HealthyPetNet in to the forefront! I am a long-time client of HealthyPetNet food and due to the recent recall and all of its implications, I am sooo glad that I am! In my opinion, everyone should visit http://www.pamperedpetzone.com it is a great site full of useful information. Thanks again Vicki!

  5. Concha Castaneda Says:

    Hi Vicki, I wrote a guide a year ago about making your own cat food. We brought two cats back to life in two weeks and have had nothing but improvement since we started making our own cat food. I wrote a guide for ebay out of duty. I sell Fiestaware but felt Anitra Fraziers book needed a review so I reviewed her book. After the review I decided a guide to making food for Cats was in order. It hasn’t sold me any Fiesta dinner plates but I have become a top 5000 reviewer practically overnight which helps draw people to my auctions etc. We haven’t seen a vet since we started making our food. We have every reason to believe that the ingredients used today in modern manufacturing of Pet Food caused the illness in our cats. If you have not read Anitra Fraziers Natural Cat then you are in for a treat (cat punn in there somewhere). My username on ebay is skymetalsmith. You can view my review of Fraziers book and my guide for making your own cat food also. If anything good can come of this crisis; it would be that people would be enlightened that the ingredients used in Commercial cat food come from diseased, dead, dying, and disabled animals. There is no way this sort of discarded meat could be good for our pets. No way! So thanks for your post. Please send people to my World to read my guide and by all means contact me with questions. I felt powerless to convince my family and friends to change the diets of their beloved pets. Perhaps they will listen now!

  6. Vicki Wagner Says:

    Hi Concha,
    Thank you for the great information. I’ll be sure to send people to you. I just think it is so important to be informed and most of the manufacturing processes are as you said. Please don’t give up on all of them though. Take a look at HealthyPetNet. I hope you discover as I did that they do not fit the mold of the pet food companies you mentioned. Most of the pet food companies today are in the business because they saw the $$$$ signs flashing before them. Our company uses human quality ingredients. No Wheat, Corn, or Soy (all know alergens to dogs and cats) No chemicals or preservatives NO BY PRODUCTS and we hand pick our suppliers. We don’t buy our ingredients from the commodities. Our food is not sold in stores because Dr. Jane Bicks (our world renowned pet food formulator)insists that the food be delivered fresh. Most food sold in stores sits around in warehouses, on loading docks, in semi trailers, and store rooms before they ever hit the shelf of the local store. These environments are not climate controlled and the food must be doused with chemicals to keep bugs and rodents out of it. It also must be loaded with preservatives to last that long, but that doesn’t keep it fresh. Our food is sold online and is delivered fresh to our customer’s door within 6 weeks of manufacturing. Anyhow; I can completely understand what you are saying about your family. They never really believe us do they. I will definately check out your reviews. We’ll talk soon.
    Thanks for the helpful information.
    P.S. I’m so glad your kitties are doing good and are healthy!

  7. This is worrying, thanks for the info.

  8. Jia Says:

    This sounds terrible … I didnt know anything about the recall .. It doesnt affect me in that I dont feed my dogs this stuff but it is shocking to hear ..

  9. When we eventually stop over processing our food chain then perhaps this type of blog wont be necessary – whilst it is – thank you!

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