Exclusive First Photo Of Halle Berry Bald!

April 7, 2007


It was announced last week that Academy Award Winner, Halle Berry, would shave her head for her upcoming role in ,” Nappily Ever After”. Artie Wayne On The Web has obtained the first photo of Halle Berry Bald!

EXCLUSIVE!! ANGELINA  JOLIE ASLEEP IN MY BED! https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/angelina-jolie-asleep-in-my-bed-sarah-jessica-parker-undressed/

PHOTOS!  MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY ON TOP OF ZAC EFRON AND VANESSA HUDGENS!https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/01/04/matthew-mcconaughey-on-top-of-zac-efron-and-vanessa-hudgens/

11 Responses to “Exclusive First Photo Of Halle Berry Bald!”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Even bald, Halle Berry looks hot!

  2. MJ Says:

    This looks like a Revlon ad 🙂 She’s still gorgeous

  3. socialorb Says:

    yeah she still does look good (just not as good). and it does look like a Revlon ad.

  4. vounghn peart Says:

    i can’t belvie that it is u in that pichure dam

  5. Shayer Says:

    This is not real picture.It is fake.But still she looks hot.

  6. akiah Says:

    i think this picture make women with hair and with no hair know that having hair doesnt make you because beauty lies within

  7. Andie Says:

    I don’t know the girl personally, so I couldn’t comment on her internal beauty. On the outside, however (with or without hair and even ‘sans’ make-up), she is absolutely gorgeous. In terms of my preferences on the ‘sexuality spectrum’ I very strongly lean towards men. I am definity attracted to Halle, though. I don’t know if I want to be her or sleep with her!!

  8. Hi. Real pleasant info on Maqui Berry. I happened upon your good blog while searching yahoo. For the last few days I have been seeking to discover more. Specially anything to do with the dieting talk. I’ve heard it all and my cousin proceeds pressing her new weight loss fad on me. So I’m happy I discovered you. Best regards!

  9. Untyohxx Says:

    life of ryan wallpaper,

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