How Voting Was Rigged On “American Idol” So Sanjaya Would Come In Last!

April 22, 2007


17 year old charismatic, but vocally challenged, Sanjaya Malakar threatened the credibility of “American Idol”, by being one of the most popular contestants in the competition who was capable of winning. Was the voting rigged to make sure he would come in last and be booted off the show?

I’m not surprised that Sanjaya, famous for his hair, performed wearing a hat last week. It’s a favorite “Idol trick” to change the way a contestant looks drastically if they don’t want them to win. Look at how they “dorked up” Kellie Pickler, last year on the night she lost! Another favorite trick to discourage voters is to “advise” or “allow” a singer to perform a song that is a less than perfect match for them, not to mention making the vocal too loud to magnify bad notes!

“Shock Jock” Howard Stern asked his millions of listeners to vote for Sanjaya, in order to undermine “American Idol” and everything it stands for! I’m positive “Idols” creator, Simon Fuller, wouldn’t just stand by and let this happen!

I remember a few seasons ago a little girl in Hawaii, Jasmine Trias, inexplicably remained in the competition in spite of having minimal talent. It was later revealed that because of a 6 hour time difference and a fan base working a bank of power dialers, they were able to cast millions and millions of votes for their home girl!

Last week a record 38 million votes were cast on “Idol”…the week before 33 million! A suspicious increase, considering the total viewers
Are down 10% from last year!

I don’t believe Howard Stern would’ve paid a penny to employ “Power Dialers”, just to make a point. I don’t believe Sanjaya’s, “Tweenie” fan base could vote for their heartthrob any more than they did. I do believe, however, that someone who has an interest in keeping the billion dollar “American Idol” franchise intact did take some action.

Someone who knew that each one of the millions of votes cast by “Power Dialers” in Hawaii would go through, because Hawaii starts voting hours after the rest of America has stopped! Someone who knew the results of the voting on the mainland could have appropriated votes to contestants who actually scored lower than Sanjaya…that would place him at the bottom and voted off!

Who would mastermind something like this?

Copyright 2007 by Artie Wayne


10 Responses to “How Voting Was Rigged On “American Idol” So Sanjaya Would Come In Last!”

  1. Joe Nelson Says:

    I’m not sure the show really needs salvaging. It’s certainly relevant – the current Billboard Top 40 has four tracks by three previous Idol heavies, including a country track by Carrie Underwood that I noticed was getting heavy pop airplay last time I was in South Carolina. I do think the show needs a shakeup, and the actions by Stern and his ilk seem geared to promote that. Simon Cowell got a fair amount of press complaining that Sanjaya was hanging on so long, yet how did he make it into the finalists in the first place? The producers of the show need to take a good hard look at the fact that everyone who makes it that far needs to be a potential American Idol – although if the likes of the Pussycat Dolls (who freely admit only one member of the group can actually sing: not since the Cover Girls has any act been so vocal about musical talent being the least of concerns when selecting a lineup) can sell so many CD’s maybe we are so shallow as to say this is what we really want.

  2. Dimplemonkey Says:

    How about this theory…

    He sang and his teeny bopper fans couldn’t, in good conscience, vote for him anymore because their parents threatened to not buy them AI tour tickets.

  3. isaid Says:

    Why do you guys even think voting actually counts in the first place, because they say so?

  4. Glenn Says:

    Just because you have a web site doesn’t mean you can say anything you want. Saying the producers make the candidates appear bad to get rid of them is arguable and a matter of opinion and interesting. But accusing “someone” of vote-tampering is known in the legal system as “libel”, unless you can prove this charge of a heinous crime. Voting is tallied and secured on “Idol” by a very reputable independent firm known as Telescope, Inc., and results are kept secret from the producers until moments just before the show. Telescope itself is also audited by an independent firm. You’re proving the opposite of what you say — if it’s on the Internet, it’s gotta be false. At least if it’s on your site. This editorial was definitely irresponsible and probably prosecutable. Better watch what you say. Our freedom of speech laws don’t give you the right to freely accuse someone of a crime.
    I have no connection with “Idol”, Fremantle, 19 or Telescope, in case you’re wondering. I’m just another Spectropop music fan. And please take me off your mailing list.

  5. Glenn Says:

    Oh, one more thing, in case you think I missed the point. Telescope, Inc. has a sophisticated detection system for “power dialers’ and reserves the right to throw away those blocks of votes. That disclaimer is at the end of the show. People can’t get away with using those dialing machines anymore, tho that wasn’t always the case.
    Yeah, a little research before you throw around accusations could do you good.

  6. Jazz Says:

    Although I like your theory and definitely agree with the “Idol trick” part of adding the hat or dressing someone poorly to affect people’s votes, I don’t think it was rigged the way you say. My suggestion from the start was to vote for your favorites, as always, but then also vote for the worst performers that night, besides Sanjaya. If all you do is vote for your favorite, then Sanjaya will continue to stay because he’s got some loyal fans (or disloyal AI fans, depending how you see it). But the other bad performers will not get the kind of votes that Sanjaya will have, therefore, they’ve been getting kicked off before him. I think people finally caught on to this theory and were able to finally put it into action action last week.

    Also, I think if any rigging was going on, it was to KEEP Sanjaya on this long. They certainly wouldn’t have wanted him in the Top 4 or Top 5 because that is too close to winning and you are correct, they are very worried about their credibility. I say the rigging would have been to keep him because they have gotten a bump in ratings and an increase in interest because of him. There’s been a ton of buzz on how he’d been able to stay on this long, was he really as bad as they say, and what is with that hair. As the saying goes, “No publicity is bad publicity” and they needed something to stir interest in this year’s Idols. The best singers this year aren’t exactly drop dead gorgeous and they are aware of that. There is no Carrie Underwood for them to trot out this year, and last year was kind of the same. So, I think they were happy for the attention because it got people curios as to what the heck was going on with American Idol these days that someone this bad got so far.

    Just my guess. I love speculating…

  7. Hi..just stopping by to say a Happy New Year…interesting post there, and i’ve bookmarked this blog too…keep up the good job 😉

  8. Paula Abdul finally been give the timmy tack, excellent.

  9. Simon Cowell is soooo bad, still funny to watch him take people down though

  10. 6Digitballin Says:

    Sanvagina and Me would make a great duet male soundtrack to Iron Man 2. Anyone have shis number?

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