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  1. lynn ray Says:

    I was a close friend of Eddie’s during the ’70’s, while he was getting his education in Hattiesburg. We used to paint houses together, working for his grandfather. My wife and I helped him when he moved to the coast to work at the mental health center there. Then lost contact.
    I spoke to him on the phone back in the ’80’s. But not since.
    Could you share his email with me?
    If not, could you forward this to him?
    It would be something to get with him again.

    Lynn Ray

  2. Lynn Says:

    I will let him know you are wanting to get in contact.

  3. While searching the internet for ways to contact Mr. Eddie Hodges I came across your website. My father, Rev. P.T. Palmer, was a friend of Mr.Eddie Hodges during his time in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. During time of reflection concerning his life and ministry my father has often mentioned how much he would like to hear from Mr. Hodges. If there is any way you could send him my e-mail address it would mean so much to my Dad. Thank for your assistance. Sonja Palmer Webb

  4. Paul Woodford Says:

    I admired him a lot in all his early films of the late 50s and early 6os

  5. Doris Santos Says:

    Was watching Bonanza, saw Eddie Hodges, and wondered what happened to him. I located your website and happy to know he’s alive and working in a field close to my heart. I enjoyed and had a crush on him after seeing “Summer Magic” Still love the movie after all these years. Please let Mr. Hodges know, he has fan’s in Tacoma, WA.. Sincerely, Ms. Santos

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