June 2, 2008

When one monkey tries to make it out of a barrel full of other monkeys, there are always those monkeys who will try to pull him back down. That’s “Monkey Barrelism” !

Racism, Sexism, and Ageism are certainly issues in the race to the White House, but “Monkey Barrelism” is the most dangerous threat to our political system and to the American way of life.

Now that a delusional white priest who claims to be an Obama supporter has joined in the fray Obama’s ex-pastor, the not-so- Reverend Wright started, we all can talk openly about “Monkey Barrelism” without being considered racists.

These men have their own agendas and are basking in all the attention the media is giving them. Unfortunately there are many people out there who believe words that are repeated in the media over and over again are the undisputed truth.

The democratic primaries have gone on for so long, the candidates themselves are getting tired of their own bullshit, which is why they’re making so many gaffes in their speeches. They all speak without thinking and have to issue daily apologies. They should apologize to the public for their pandering rhetoric and endless sound bytes that are supposedly “taken out of context”…but are remembered far longer than any apology they might make.

I wonder if the October surprise is going to be the “outing” of Obama, finally putting the gay rumors to rest. Will it be the “Water boarding” of McCain to see if the guy can really take it, or could it possibly be Hillary announcing that she’s replacing Judge Judy on her TV Show, while Judy is offered the Vice-Presidential spot on both the Republican and Democratic ticket.

Before the general election we have time to stop “Monkey Barrelism” before it rears its ugly head again. In November I want to respect the candidate that I’ll back and not just wind up voting for the lesser of two assholes running.

One monkey don’t stop the show…but two or three can slow it down!

Artie Wayne

 Copyright by 2008 by Artie Wayne


  1. Country Paul Says:

    Yes indeed, Artie – rev up those distractions! By the way, did you check out the automatically generated “related post” “Atlanta Restaurant Owner Says Obama Is a Monkey”? The insanity – and inanity – is just beginning. Time for a major change – and to my mind, the change agent comes from Illinois by way of the whole world.

  2. Patti Says:

    Having known you almost 40 years, I can honestly say you are the most independent thinker I know. Whether it is in a situation of evaluating a song, a person, or an issue, you truly look at the whole picture and weigh the pros and cons choosing what will make the best outcome available.
    You have caught the absurdity of this election clearly.

  3. Joe Nelson Says:

    Hi Artie,

    I think part of the problem is the fatal flaw in the “historic” nature of this race. Given the very real possibility that our next president could be either female or black, forces are coaxed out of the woodwork that are looking to establish that specific outcome regardless of what it means in the long run – that is, they wouldn’t necessariy support a white male running on an identical platform. These are the people who are threatening to vote for John McCain if their “man” doesn’t get the nomination – their motivation isn’t a belief that McCain would be the better choice in that event, but rather the realization that the reality of a President Obama (or vice versa) means that Hillary Clinton (or vice versa) has to wait eight years rather than four to seriously have a shot at running again, and would sacrifice the country’s well being just to cut that time. The more rational of these extremists would just stay home on election day – which is fine with me since a person with that attitude shouldn’t have the opportunity to muck things up in the first place at such a critical time in our nation’s existence.

    The idealist in me would hope that this country isn’t so much ready to elect a black person or a female into the Oval office so much as it’s ready to abandon that kind of distinguishing bullshit to the realization that these things shouldn’t be a factor. For me, the nature of the Senator from Illinois duking it out with the Other Senator from Illinois doesn’t show how far this country as come nearly as much as it underscores the fact that we haven’t come far enough. Peace out – Joe

  4. Ken Deifik Says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read the papers today, but you mention “the candidates themselves are getting tired of their own bullshit, which is why they’re making so many gaffes in their speeches.”

    Exactly which Obama gaffe are you speaking of? I’m not an undying supporter of the man, though I’ll be happy to vote for him. But he’s been surprisingly gaffe free as far as I can see.

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