July 31, 2008

After two years of Time-Warner Cable not transmitting their TV picture in synch with the sound, on at least 20% of their shows, in Desert Hot Springs, California, they now make it impossible to reach anyone at the company to complain!

I was given four different 800 numbers, which only led me to places where I could change over to their digital phone service, and after I finally reached a real person I was hung up on TWICE! Ironically, I was calling to complain about the dramatic difference of between sound levels of commercials transmitted, including NO SOUND AT ALL on 26 Time-Warner Cable spots that aired yesterday…and 14 spots so far today.

When I go to L.A. on my TV promotion tour next week…you can be sure I will tell about the arrogance and stupidity of their company.

Artie Wayne

Click onto the first time I had problems with the company, when I didn’t have a public forum!  https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2007/05/03/get-refund-now-time-warner-av-out-of-sync-truth-revealed/


  1. Marc Farrar Says:

    Dear Mr. Wayne,
    After reading your post this morning we searched our database for your account, in hopes of getting in touch with you to better understand and resolve the concerns you detailed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any record of cable service provided to an account under your name. Please email me at your earliest convenience so we can get this problem figured out and resolved.
    Marc Farrar
    Vice President, Public Affairs
    Time Warner Cable

  2. brian gari Says:

    Hey Artie–I have been having the same problem here in NYC with Time Warner cable. Thought I was going crazy with the synch problems. And then you can’t call the president anymore because they have purposely made it so your call can’t get through to him and you get disconnected eventually.
    Brian Gari

  3. Amanda Abel Says:

    I have experienced the same problem on the West Coast, so it’s definitely not a regional problem. I feel like I’m watching one of those old movies dubbed in Japanese!
    – Amanda Abel

  4. greg Says:

    Hello everyone,

    Fuck time warner cable. I just bought 2 web-sites about time warner, because of all the hype on the web. it will be free for all. I bought
    screwtimewarner.com and screwtimewarnercable.com

    It will have forums and everything you need to get the word out all over the web about time warner cable. its time to stop the monopoly and take back our freedom.

    What I hate the most is that they will remove channels that you have been paying on from the beginning, but will not reduce your bill and not even tell you that they removed these channels. Now we cant even get the NFL network, because they hate time warner and think they are scam artist.

    When you call time warner, your on hold for fucking 1 hour and then they don’t even speak any fucking english. (( I’m not racist in any matter )), but if you live in America, you better learn how to speak some fucking English, don’t come here and not learn our language. Also, I shouldn’t have to go to my own banks ATM and choose a language, get the fuck out of here with that crap, ( this is fucking America ) Now on DVD you have a setup for other language, this is getting out of hand. Just had to vent some.

    Take Care,

  5. RJ Says:

    Hey man, Marc Ferrar responded to your blog faster than TWC responded to my phone calls! Maybe I should start a blog, then maybe my cable and phone lines would work…

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