August 29, 2008

 OK…Is Sarah Palin ready to become President if anything should happen to McCain? This is the most serious Presidential race in American history…not the Ididerod!

When McCain was asked how many pets he had he couldn’t remember, while his new running mate proudly showed the press the tattoo of her faithful companion, Yukon King, on her forearm!

Perhaps this is the best choice McCain could’ve made, considering she’s not only a woman, but a proud member of PETA and the NRA!

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Copyright 2008 by Artie Wayne


  1. Richard Kimball Says:

    Re Sarah Palin……….Even disgruntled Hillary supporters ain’t faaling for this one….She’s under investigation in her own state, and endorsed by Sen Ted Stevens, himself, uner indictment for fraud and corruption….more of the same….That’s life in the Republican party….
    Artie my friend…”The dog barks, but the caravan moves on.”

  2. Country Paul Says:

    Sarah Palin?!? A sad, frustrated and desperate grasping at straws. I smell flop sweat. (Go, Barack!)

  3. Country Paul Says:

    One more note, this from the “automatically generated” links on your page, Artie. This comes from the “Bad Idea Blog,” and pretty well lays it out (except that I disagre with his underestimation of the Obama campaign):


    McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP… Analysis

    Palin has landed? If so, it looks like I was right about McCain’s strategy in VP picks. It only remains to be seen whether or not Obama’s failure to anticipate, or at least pro-actively counter, this move will cost him in the way I expect.

    When it comes to message, Palin ironically seems to undercut virtually every major line of criticism the McCain camp has so-far employed against Obama. Palin was a former beauty-pageant contestant: surely the crown jewel of the “vapid celebrity” image. Palin has little political experience (undercutting McCain’s claims of similar worries about Obama) and an abuse-of-power scandal under her belt (playing into the “3rd term for Bush” narrative). But the sort of people who buy into these sorts of character narratives are notoriously immune to hypocrisy, and even if they weren’t, what really McCain needs more than anything else is something that will shake up the race big time and keep the “bitter Hillary supporters” narrative in play. Palin fits the bill.

    While Palin isn’t actually the first woman to be a Vice-Presidential nominee, that actually matters far less than the possibility that she could be the first woman to become Vice-President, and with her on the ticket, some measure of Obama’s uniquely historic appeal of a “first” is definitively blunted.

    Like I said previously: this is a savvy move, and one that Obama’s camp had every opportunity to strangle in the crib. Either they don’t think it will play out in McCain’s favor, or they think that Biden will have some advantage that I’ve yet to see myself. Palin is also as right-wing as they come on social issues, completing McCain’s own retreat from his former life as a maverick and near-independent.

  4. Tim Newby Says:

    Have you ever taken a look at this site about John McCain << or just type in “The Skeleton Closet” in your browser and then select John McCain .
    How he can say he is so innocent but have so many accusations against him is beyond me .

    Don’t forget the Keating Five and also how he hugged his torturer when they met again.


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