October 30, 2008

I’m tired of Black people bitching, White people whining, and members of the NRA shooting their mouths off about what the Presidential election has turned into!

As Americans, none of us can afford to drop the ball, much less drop the torch. It’s time that we add up what we’ve learned about the candidates. Here are a few things you might not know, that can help you make up your mind when it’s time to vote.

Did you know that Republican Vice-Presidential hopeful, Sarah Palin was planning to take 30 members of the press on an Eskimo hunting party, until it was discovered that they wouldn’t be hunting with Eskimos, but for Eskimos!

Are you aware that Democratic Vice-Presidential hopeful Joe Biden is a silent partner in a travel agency that is selling out excursion tickets to the South Seas for the time period that he predicted Obama would be tested by the world? 

Did you know that John McCain Enterprises, who not only owns the controling interest in Viagra,  but also a chain of mortuaries, has copyrighted the slogan, “We’ve Got You Coming and Going.”?

After so many pro-McCain comments were made by Democrat Joe Biden, it’s not surprising that Barack Obama called up President George W. Bush, for an endorsement, promising him a spot on Mount Rushmore. The only problem is, he promised the same spot to Bill Clinton!

Did you hear that Independent Party Presidential hopeful, and “Bad Girl Gone Good”, Paris Hilton, goes down in history as the first person to withdraw early from a race to star in a TV movie, “The Mother Teresa Story”.

After a rousing version of “There’s No Bama Like O-bama, Like No Bama I Know!”, Secretary of State-to-be Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic party’s victory dance, just days before the election! Click on Hillary to activate! 

John McCain has promised “Joe The Plumber”, a cabinet position, if he becomes President. He will be in charge of flushing out Socialists, non-believers, and fixing leaks to the press. “Joe”, still smarting from the treatment he received from the media, says he’s also not adverse to , “kicking a little ass, if he has to!”

In an unprecedented move, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain, admitted that they made a secret agreement In the event that the Presidential race is too close to call, they’ll have a dance-off!           

Then In the true spirit of bi-partisanship, the candidates issued a joint statement “STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, OR TURN AROUND AND BE MOUNTED!” . So vote early…and vote often!                              

                             “IF IT’S ON THE INTERNET, IT’S GOTTA’ BE TRUE!”

Copyright 2008 by Artie Wayne


  1. Laura Says:

    LOL … well done, Artie, this is hilarious! And I love the Statue of Liberty graphic at the top. I don’t know where you find all this stuff, but keep on doing what you do … you make the world a happier place!


  2. Artie Kaplan Says:

    The Obama Dance Troupe…
    Bill & Hillary, Nancy & Barbra is a Howl
    Also illustrates that “All Gods Chillen Got Rhythm”
    Except Those That Don’t.

    Are they available to entertain at one of the Obama
    Inauguration Parties in January 09?

    Somebody, Call Their People.

  3. Amin EL Says:

    Nice one Artie!
    You’re “Unbelievable”

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