The public has spoken, and the media has listened! This week five songs in the top 20 videos are by the winners or runners up of “American Idol”, the biggest TV show in America, and “Pop Idol”, its counterpart in the U.K.

Finally, real artists who can really sing without the help of effects and digital enhancement, who rely on good well-crafted commercial songs!

Among all these singers, one really stands out, singer/songwriter Chris Daughtry, a finalist on “American Idol” 2006. He’s got the potential of being the biggest artist of this decade. He’s the “Real Deal” as so many critics have called him. He not only make great rock records that reek with integrity, but also uses his music to make powerful statments. Here’s his latest #1, and his thought provoking “What About Now?

Now here’s Jordin Sparks, 2007 “American Idol”, winner and “One Step At A Time”, with over 5,000,000 views!

Next we have 2008 runner-up David Archuleta, with over 2,000,000 views on his video “Crush”. His excellent choice of material and original delivery assures him a long successful career. 

Here’s Leona Lewis, winner of UKs’ “Pop Idol” in 2007, who has a second #1 hit the UNEDITED, UNCENSORED video of “Better In Time”

Jennifer Hudson, Academy Award Winner for “Dreamgirls”and 3rd season “American Idol” finalist,  has one of the best new singles out, “Spotlight”

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People ask me where do I find the incredible music videos I put in my articles. I tell them it’s easy and now I want to show you how I do it…for free! I also include over 150 URLs to the greatest videos on the internet, that you can enjoy over and over again, at least until they shut the amazing archives down.

A few years ago, during the Christmas season, I noticed the lack of new shows celebrating the holidays. and remembered how many great choices I had when I was a kid. There was the original “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in stop motion, A jerky “Frosty The Snowman”, which made me shiver with delight, as well as perrenial TV Specials like “Ahmal and the Night Visitors”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, which I always looked forward to.

Over the past few years, when I look for these Christmas shows to be broadcast over regular TV, I’m disappointed on a regular basis. I hoped cable TV would provide me with some Christmas cheer, but all that I could find were Christmas Horror Flicks like, “Silent Night, Bloody Night”, and “Christmas Evil”, where Santa Slays everyone before the last reel.

Then someone suggested, that I look for my favorites on the internet and after a little experimentation, I found that I could locate just about anything that’s ever been filmed, taped or recorded. It’s just about how to go about it.

First I Googled…Rudolf the rednosed reindeer video, and found thousands of choices. I knew the late Johnny Marks, the composer of “Rudolf”, who once told me that dozens of little films had been made based on his classic song, but only a few had been shown in the US. I narrowed my quest by googling…Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer, original video, Gene Autry…and in a matter of seconds, I had the video I was looking for. I had patience and kept going deeper into the thousands of pages that were offered, until I found what I wanted.

When I was putting up a video tribute to Elvis, I wanted to include things that people weren’t familiar with. Not only the clips from early TV shows, but outakes, screen tests and home movies. just by Googling…Elvis Video outakes, films and TV, I eventually found everything I wanted. Just be patient…and keep adding additional key words for google to look for.

I started out by making a Top Ten List, which evolved into a Top 20 list (that actually totals 25), that include Elvis’ first TV appearance, various screen tests. The extensive collection, has been praised around the world by friends and fans of Elvis, which I’m very proud of!

When I started to look for videos to go along with my forthcoming book, ” I Did It For A Song”, about my years in the music business, I didn’t expect to find many. To my amazement I found 130 already, and I’m still looking.

When my friend, songwriter, Mark Barkan (“She’s A Fool”, “The Writing On The Wall”) asked me to help him find some videos on one of his songs, “Pretty Flamingo”, I not only found Manfred Mann’s original black and white video from the ’60s, but Rod Stewart’s ’70s cover, but a live version by Bruce Springsteen, which Mark didn’t even know about.

How can a regular person not in the Music Business make use of music videos on the net? What about creating a video sound track of your life or one for your loved one?

I got so excited, about all the music videos available, that I made and posted on my blog lists for holidays and special occasions.

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Here are several collections, I hope you’ll enjoy and be inspired by.

THE TOP 25 GREATEST ELVIS PRESLEY MUSIC VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!         They’re all here videos from rare early TV Shows, Screen Tests, Movies and TV shows. with personal remembrances from DJ Scott Shannon, Bobbi Cowan, and Eddie Hodges.

THE TOP, THE BEST, AND GREATEST CHRISTMAS VIDEOS OF ALL TIME!     They’re all here, Bing, Elvis, Rudolf, EXCLUSIVE JOSH GROBAN FROM NOEL!, NEW ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, SINGING REINDEER AND “WHITE CHRISTMAS”, Nat “King”Cole, Chipmunks, Jingle Cats, Neil Diamond, Band-Aid, EXCLUSIVE UNEDITED CHRIS BROWN “THIS CHRISTMAS”, Ashley Tisdale, Enya, Carpenters, Brenda Lee, Beach Boys, Sponge Bob, Perry Como, Alvin and the Chipmunks and so much more! HOURS AND HOURS OF FAMILY FUN with the original Christmas music clips and new Christmas Video animations!

NOOKIES TOP CHRISTMAS AND HANUKKAH VIDEOS!                                    includes Adam Sandler’s “HANUKKAH SONG”, the Full Original Version of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and Burl Ives stop motion original “Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer”, JUST ADDED JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, N SYNC, CARRIE UNDERWOOD, TOBY KEITH AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

TOP SUMMER CLASSIC OLDIE VIDEOS!          includes Beach Boys, Lesley Gore, Rascals, Drifters, Lovin’Spoonful, Sly and the Family Stone, Katerina and the Waves, Tokens, Brian Hyland, Shangri-las, Alan Jackson and MORE!

ARTIE”S NEW HOT SUMMER MUSIC VIDEOS!   No Rap, No Crap, Good Songs Are Back! UNEDITED “I KISSED A GIRL!”, New Kids On The Block, Kid Rock, UNCENSORED Mariah, Usher, David Cooke, NEW TITLES EVERY FRIDAY! Leona Lewis, Duffy, Maroon 5, Rhianna. and MORE!

THE TOP, THE BEST, AND THE GREATEST PATRIOTIC MUSIC VIDEOS! Includes Elvis, Lee Greenwood, Toby Keith, Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston, Fess Parker, James Brown, Johnny Horton, Springsteen, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Neil Diamond, The Marine Corp Band, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

If you’re a singer older than Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers, you’re considered “demographically challenged”, but if you take a look at the videos of the artists who are making it to the top of the charts these days…that might be about to change!

Back in 1966, I briefly represented Neil Diamond, when I was a songplugger for April-Blackwood music. Neil was not only prolific, but all of his lyrics were consistently deep and his music, always commercial. I looked forward to him coming in to sing and play live, and familiarize me with the songs he had in the catalog. You can imagine how I felt when I returned to my office, after I had open heart surgery, and found a memo on my desk saying, Neil Diamond’s current contract is about to expire and the company will have to pay him an additional $50 a week, if they want to keep him. The memo goes on to say that this is something they refuse to do, since Neil is still a few grand in the red on his old contract!

That’s when I see RED! I storm, or more accurately limp into the executive offices. Although I’m grateful that CBS paid for my operation, I start to feel I’m making a mistake by working here, when I have to fight to get a pittance for Neil Diamond, songwriter who I think is worth millions! When my pleas fall on deaf ears, and that’s when I coin the phrase, “This Sucks!” and leave CBS forever!

In the meantime, Neil hasn’t done badly for himself, he’s sold over 100,000,000 LPs and CDs and earlier this year had the #1 CD with “Home Before Dark”. Here’s one of the best songs from that collection. “If I Don’t See You Again”

James Taylor just released an album called, “Covers”, which includes “Not Fade Away”, “Hound Dog”, and “Wichita Lineman. Usually, when a writer of his caliber does an album of other people’s songs, it means he’s run out of his own. In Taylor’s case some of his best recordings have been covers like “How Sweet It Is”, “Mockingbird” and “You’ve Got A Friend” Here’s a seven minute clip on the making of “Covers”

BRAND NEW! As relevant as the recent releases by the aforementioned artists Alan O’Day (“Undercover Angel”, “Rock And Roll Heaven”) has written, sung, and produced the finest album of his career. I worked with him at Warner Brothers Music, when The Warner Raiders and I got hundreds, yes hundreds of covers on his highly commercial songs. Although I knew he was immensely talented, I never expected him to develop into the writer and artist he is today. Here is the title track and first hit from Alan O’Day’s new CD, “I Hear Voices” “I could write pages about what I heard, but a song is worth a thousand words!”

Here’s Alan O’Day and “I Hear Voices” If this video is disabled please click

Congratulations Madonna on hitting the big 50! Your latest album, “Hard Candy”, is as hip and hot as your first. Here’s my favorite cut with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. “Four Minutes To Save The World”

BEHIND THE SCENES! The last time I talked to Brian Wilson, was when I was running Irving/Almo Music, in the mid-seventies, and he gave me permission to change some of the lyrics of “Good Vibrations” to fit the Troggs. “I love the clothes you almost wear and the way the sunlight plays upon your hair”. Brian always had a good sense of humor, which shows in this clip in a cab outside the Abby Road Studios, where he cut his latest album. Here is the iBlack Cab session and “Lucky Old Sun”

I never was a big fan of Randy Newman, although I helped get a few covers on “Sail Away” (Ray Charles, Bobby Darin). My friend publicist, Bobbi Cowan, turned me on to Randy’s latest album, along with her rave review!

“As with most of Randy Newman’s albums, you can’t pick out a couple of cuts, and say they are the best…The title cut “Harps & Angels” is wonderful…  Next he’s got a real heartbreaker, a ballad called “Losing You.” There’s more, but this is why we need to listen to albums, not just to cuts and downloaded singles…nobody does it like Randy Newman. Here’s “Losing You”…and the story behind the song.

Here are The Eagles who are even better than they were when I represented their publishing in the early ‘70s. They had a #1 CD and a smash world-wide tour. Here’s my favorite “How Long”

The unlikely pairing of “Snoop Dog” and Willie Nelson gives us “Buy My Medicine”

I became friendly with Jackson Browne, just before his first album came out. I was so impressed with his writing, that I got Michael Jackson to cover “Doctor My Eyes”, which went Top 10 in the UK. What always amazed me about Jackson is he would change lyrics constantly, from the time he’d write a new song to the time he’d demo it, record and finally perform it. I don’t know if he does that these days, but he still knows how to touch out the rebel spirit in me! From new CD, “The Drums Of War”, Jackson Browne.

Here’s George Strait and “Troubadour”, from the #1 album of the same name.

HOORAY! It’s been 16 years since the New Kids on the Block, broke up. Now they’re back with a vengeance! They ruled the summer with “Summertime”, now they’re going back to the top with “Single”, from their new CD “The Block” featuring Ne-Yo

The unlikely pairing of “Snoop Dog” and Willie Nelson gives us “Buy My Medicine”

It won’t be long before we see a whole bunch more of hits coming from so-called “demographically challenged artists”. Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Dwight Twilley, Prince, Ron Dante, Tommy James, Bruce Springsteen, Al Kooper, are all waiting in the wings, and even Tom Jones is putting out a new CD after a 16 year absence!

Whether you or a friend is in “Comeback Mode” or a “demographically challenged” newcomer, “defying the odds”, just send us a video from your CD (which has been released in the past six months) and a bio. Everything will be watched, many will be considered, but only a few will make it to Artie Wayne on the Web Demographically Challenged Singers Part 2 coming in May!

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