December 14, 2008



After helping to sell ONE BILLION records in the industry, Joe Klein’s “CHRISTMAS IN MALIBU ” by The Rad Dudes has truly become a cult classic….20 years after first being released!


I’m proud to introduce you to my friend and former client, Joe Klein, multiple Clio and International Broadcast Award winner, who wrote and produced over a thousand radio spots back in the 70’s and 80’s promoting albums for Donna Summer, The Village People, Parliament, George Clinton, Devo, The Doobie Brothers, Van Halen, U2, Kenny Rogers, David Bowie, Kim Carnes, Sheena Easton, George Thorogood, J. Geils Band, Tina Turner,  Bob Seeger, The Steve Miller Band, Tina Turner, The Plasmatics, The Vapors, The Commodores, Lionel Richie, Huey Lewis and the News, Eddie Rabbit, Leo Sayer, Christopher Cross, Joan Jett and scores of other chart-topping acts.  As president of Los Angeles based production company L.A. Trax, Inc., Joe was considered one of the best promo producers in the business, and his campaigns helped to sell over one billion records, cassettes and CDs. In doing so, he really did help to raise the bar on how records were promoted in general. 


Joe began his career as a teenage disc jockey, then moved on to recording engineer and producer. He produced hundreds of commercials and jingles in the seventies with a partner named John LaSalle, a renowned singer and jazz musician originally from New York City. He was also a record producer, whose credits include my album on Casablanca and a co-production with Scott Shannon on an album by The Sunset Bombers, a late seventies punk rock band which featured Doug Feiger (The Knack), Brandon Mathieson (The Rubber City Rebels) and Rick Armaund (1999).


I hadn’t spoken to Joe in a few years until we reconnected last week. I wanted to include his cult holiday classic, “Christmas In Malibu ” By The Rad Dudes, in my 99 CHRISTMAS MUSIC VIDEO collection. When we spoke, he told me that the song and video had been added to a lot of Christmas airplay lists this year, twenty years after its initial release back in 1988….Here’s more, in his own words……


Christmas In Malibu had its beginnings as a surprise yuletide hit of the 1988 holiday season. The song came to me as a musical epiphany of sorts while sitting on Malibu beach over the summer several months earlier. The story of how it got recorded and ended up on hundreds of radio stations, MTV, VH-1, Friday Night Videos and even the NBC Nightly News that first year really is quite wild. The song and video continued to air for several more years and then pretty much faded from view by the mid-nineties. Back in 2005, I decided to post the song online and, to my surprise, Christmas In Malibu started getting played on dozens of podcasts. In 2006, I made a distribution deal with a company called IODA to distribute the song as a download worldwide, and then posted the video on YouTube and a view other video sites. That year the song spread to many more podcasts and even started getting played on the radio again. By last year, Christmas In Malibu was getting mentioned and embedded in hundreds of blog posts and the video was listed on dozens more viral video sites. This year, on its twentieth anniversary, Christmas In Malibu seems to have taken on a life of its own and achieved a kind of “cult classic” statis within the new media community. The track and video are popping up virtually everywhere. This past week the video even made the front page of Mevio, the online new media network (formerly known as Podshow) launched in 2005 by former MTV veejay Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. On the front page video promo for what was new on the network, Adam remarked how he remembered the video had been a “huge hit” on MTV back in the day! I posted the whole story of the making of Christmas In Malibu on my company’s website, and you can read it here.



 Now check out 99 CHRISTMAS MUSIC VIDEOS featuring the NEW MILEY CYRUS, Aretha, Nat “King”Cole, Bing,  Elvis, EXCLUSIVE JOSH GROBAN FROM NOEL, NEW ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, Paul Evans, Jingle Cats, ALAN O’DAY, Neil Diamond, Band-Aid, EXCLUSIVE UNEDITED CHRIS BROWN “THIS CHRISTMAS”,  Enya, Carpenters, NEW JULIANNE HOUGH, Brenda Lee, Beach Boys, NEW ARCHIES, Sponge Bob, Perry Como, and so much more! HOURS AND HOURS OF FAMILY FUN with the original Christmas music clips and new Christmas Video animations! You can find it here.


 Copyright 2008 by Artie Wayne   https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne


  1. […] What followed was a short but sweet interview, in which the former RAD DUDE recalled the wild days of the late eighties when the song was first recorded. Mentioning that he was a little embarrassed at first about being on the “corny” record, Karma said that the more he heard the song and saw the video, the more it grew on him over the years. Karma said he now totally digs the song  and its “comedic genius.” The original Rad Dude also joined the growing ranks of those who consider Christmas In Malibu a CLASSIC! […]

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