December 26, 2008


What About The Day After Christmas? Words and Music by Patti Dahlstrom & Artie Wayne

What about the day after Christmas
When all of the giving is done
When the trimming comes down
Will you still be around
Or is it once a year love on the run?

What about the day after Christmas
How will you think of me then
As a gift you don’t need
Or a friend you won’t leave
Is it love or only Christmas Eve again?

You come to me broken
Your heart on the line
Before you have spoken
You know I’ll be kind
I’ll fall for your sad eyes
In this season of cheer
And won’t ask where you’ve been
Since this time last year

Will you be at my side for the New Year
Or well on your way from the truth
I’m too old to cling
To this once a year thing
So what about the day after Christmas?

(c)  2005  Patti Dahlstrom Music (ASCAP) /  WayneArt Music (BMI)

If you’d like an mp3 of “What About The Day After Christmas” e-mail me at artiewayne@gmail.com

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Photo of London snow by Patti Dahlstrom


  1. Artie Kaplan Says:

    Dear Artie Wayne
    I like your “Day After Christmas” song.
    Enclosed is my Holiday offering.
    Happy Holidays,
    Artie Kaplan

    On The Day After Chanukah
    By Artie Kaplan

    On the day after Chanukah
    I woke up in Santa Monica
    In a hospital down by the sea
    Twenty pounds lighter then I was before
    And a few inches shorter from off of the floor
    They told me I died, but miraculously came back
    The nurse said I suffered a Chanukah attack
    She said they removed fifty Latkes from me
    Some cheese, some potato, I ate them with glee
    With apple sauce and sour cream galore
    And followed by a brisket and salad, there’s more
    With string beans delicious, baked apple top draw
    And Egg Nog outstanding and easy to pour
    Just about the time that the Dreidel game started
    My world came apart so embarrassed, I farted
    And that’s all I remember of that fabulous dinner
    As holidays go it was really a winner
    And although I wound up in the hospital today
    This is one special memory that won’t go away
    Chanukah, Oh Chanukah, makes me feel like a kid
    And what’s more, might I add… I’m not even a Yid.

    © Thrice Music Inc.

  2. Chris Says:

    In England we have the public holiday called Boxing Day – so called because of its origins as a day for charitable giving (handing a box around) – on 26th December, which has nowadays become a sort of ‘blowing the cobwebs away’ day after the excesses of Christmas Day. Since there is a full programme of football (sorry, ‘soccer’!) matches on Boxing Day in atmosphere it’s like a slightly quieter version of a regular Saturday – the ‘Sunday’ being Christmas Day, so the Christmas Holiday is like a week-end the wrong way around, if you catch my drift.

    So, that’s an ‘alternative answer’ to the question you pose.

    Oh, I’ve been looking into you on the Web and with the work you did for ERTE you’d probably be interested in my (partly) Art Deco-themed site.

    Take that as a late Christmas ‘present’ from me 😉 I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Alan Says:

    Merry Day After!
    Just wanted to say I enjoyed the lyrics from BOTH Arties!
    Here’s to a Blessed New Year,


    I’m plotzing here!
    Happy Chanakwanzamas!

  5. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    Years ago, I tried to write a song called “One Minute After Midnight” about how it seems like, when it’s 12:01 a.m. on December 26, we’re supposed to wipe all thoughts of Christmas out of our minds and “resume regular programming.” I never came close to finishing it.

    And Artie Kaplan – Loved “Harmony” by Ray Conniff.

  6. Vinnie Bell Says:

    Dear Artie,

    A great song ‘BUT’, It surely would’ve been so much
    better if the lyric was written in ‘ITALIAN!!!

  7. Patti Says:

    I sent this out to my list with the MP3 attached..last night! Getting good responses over here on the other side of the pond. People like it. Perhaps we’ll get a record by next Christmas.

    Love the snow falling across my photograph from last February! Brings it to life.
    May 2010 be your best year ever, Artie!

  8. Alan O'Day Says:

    Artie, what a charming song. And great to hear the lovely Patti singing.
    Here’s wishing you, and your esteemed readers, a harmonious 2010, with lots of success & happiness!

  9. barry gordon Says:

    I’d like to do the arrangement for Artie Kaplan’s song!

    Barry Gordon

  10. askdonna Says:

    Best lyrics I have ever heard. Thanks for posting.

  11. Barry Gordon Says:

    I love your song Artie! I read the lyric another time and feel even stronger the second time. You make being Jewish a Joy!!

    Love Always

  12. The day after Christmas means that the anniversary of what Time Magazine listed as The Greatest Peaceful Manmade Event in The History of all Mankind”. I will continue to keep the Spirit of Love and Peace it represented in my Spirit of to unite the generations and using music,make a differance.

    Artie Merry everything to you.

  13. Thanks Artie,

    Love You!!!

    All the best,

    Roger McGuinn

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