January 14, 2009


                     Whoppy and Streaker in a reflective mood.

It’s been 13 years since Alex, the lovely hostess at Genghis Cohen, gave her boss Allan Rinde, a little calico cat by the name of Streaker. I watched Allan, who had little experience with pets, proceed to spoil her over the next 6 months. I remember going to visit him once and he answered the door with Streaker dangling by her claws, casually, from the bottom of his shirt. That little booger would always manage to do something that would keep me in stiches. She knew how to use the remote control on the TV and would change channels just as a program was starting to get good. Allan thought he had the problem solved when he started using two remotes. Then I remember one night, we were all watching “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, just as Sarah Michelle Geller was about to drive her point across…Streaker changes the channel! I quickly change it back…and Streaker changes it again! This “duel” goes on for a while until I chase her into the other room where she ducks under the bed. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear I could hear her laughing.

This was about the time that Allan and songwriter Toni Wine (“Groovy Kind Of Love”, “Candida”), whom I introduced, were starting to get serious about each other. Allan was spending more and more time in Nashville where Toni lived, so Alex suggested that he should consider getting another cat to keep Streaker company. That’s when she brought a chubby, but dashing little white tomcat over, recently rescued from a crack house fire, whose name was Whoppy.

Allan let me stay in his apartment, after my spinal operation, where I fed and looked after my two little friends. Whoppy, who was now tipping the scales at 25 pounds would lie on my right hand which, was partially paralyzed until it opened up! Streaker remained aloof with me, but fell in love with “Whop”. When I moved into my own place in Silver Lake, Allan gave me Whoppy as a present. A few weeks later, when he and Toni decided to marry, he asked me if I would take Streaker as well, because Toni was allergic to cats! Allan also promised to take care of their expenses for as long as I had them.

It wasn’t long before I moved to a little assisted living facility in the California desert that took cats. Ten days into my stay, had to be rescued when I discovered that I was being drugged and slowly being coerced into signing over all of my assets to the lady, who ran the place. I boarded the cats, until I found a new apartment, with the help of Allan Rinde.


Since then Whoppy, Streaker, and I have braved 70 mph Santa Ana winds, threatening wildfires, earthquakes, flash floods, gang violence and DEA raids on neighboring Crystal Meth labs. My friend Allan, true to his word, has supported the cats for over 13 years!


But all adventures come to an end…I’m sad to say that Whoppy has passed away. Even though we know our little friends only have a short time to be with us, it’s no less painful when it’s their time to go.


We miss you “Whop”, R.I.P. Rock In Purr-petuity,


Love, Artie and Streaker 


Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne


My acrylic sculpture of “Whoppy” part of my Petzrock collection. http://artiewayne.com/petz.html



Special Thanks to Josie, Ginger, Dr. Madson, Joyce, Gina, and Dr. Huber who were friends of Whoppy until the end.



  1. Alan O'Day Says:

    I am saddened to hear of the loss of your true friend, who happened to be a cat. I know you are all-too-familiar with loss & challenges, & you will heal from this one as well. But for now, I ask God to give me some of the grief you feel, and to remind you that Whoppy is in a place of no pain. I am thinking of you, with empathy, and with respect for having been such a loving caretaker.

  2. Joe Klein Says:


    My sympathies at the loss of Whoppy. I know you’ve been very close to your pets and I am sure this is a difficult loss. I hope you will carry on as you always have, with your head held high, in the midst of difficult and trying times. Dig in and tap all that energy “From The Inside” and I am sure there will be better times ahead for all.

    Joe K.

  3. Graham Says:


    I am so sorry for your loss and I know the feeling all too well when Katie (my cat of 17 yrs) passed away. It’s amazing how they become such a part of your family and it’s hard getting used to them not being around but it’s nice to remember them for their unconditional love and devotion.


  4. Art Munson Says:

    Hi Artie,

    Sorry to hear about Whoppy. As fellow cat people Robin and I know all to well the sadness of losing these special spirits. I’m sure our Charlie and Natasha are helping Whoppy cope as Streaker is helping you.

    Take care


  5. Barry Oslander Says:

    Dear Artie:
    When anyone brings a pet into the house in the first second it becomes a friend and family member. So it is very sad when the friend goes to cat heaven and we (Blaire & I ) feel sad about your loss. Just two weeks ago our cat Betty also went to cat heaven and a few months ago both our dogs went to dog heaven…But we are told the heavens do have parties from time to time so I know that all our friends will be meeting and having fun at some wonderful parties…When I made the Xmas card bows for your card I did show it to Betty, which I am sure will help her find Whoppy. Again, we are sad for you from the heart.
    Warmest & best,
    Barry & Blaire O

  6. Ollabelle Says:


    I am so sorry about your loss. Gary and I had to put down our wonderful friend and dog, Chuck, over a year ago. They are a part of your family and love you unconditionally. It broke my heart and I still miss him today. I know the hole that is left by their passing. I am thinking of you. Love, Ollabelle

  7. Richard Kimball Says:

    Artie…Allan told me about Whop’s passing….Sorry old friend….I know exactly how you feel, as Patti & I just recently lost our wonderful dog Molly to a brain tumor and riddled with arthritis, after 16 great years. Our pets are our family, and it’s a little lonely without them….We, all of us, also just lost a good and mutual friend, Gary Kurfurst. He passed away 2 days ago while on holiday in The Bahamas…Gettin’ old really blows!!!…But, as I have often said, “the dog barks, but the caravan moves on.”
    See ya Bud,
    Richard Kimball

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