February 11, 2009


I hear the Post Office is going to charge for every e-mail sent! That might bring in billions of dollars, but at what expense? The internet is one of the few places where you can become an entrepreneur at a little or no cost and communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world for free!

If the bill that has been proposed to congress passes, many of our lives could change dramatically! What’s next…a tax to text? A tariff to TWITTER? Believing that “A Tweet Is Worth A 1000 Words”…I say “HELL NO!”

What do you think about this? You can leave your comments at the end of my article…MORE!

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne


Fortunately the preceding story has turned out to be a hoax. I apologize for causing anyone any undo stress, but in today’s world we have to be careful.

I want to thank everyone who brought to my attention all the facts behind this, which I‘ve reprinted.

Congress Is Going to Tax Email Messages-Fiction!

Summary of eRumor:
A widely distributed email warns that legislation has been introduced in congress to add a surcharge to email.  Congressional “Bill 602P” would add a 5 cents per email tax in order to make up for millions of dollars being lost by the Postal Service because of people using email to correspond instead of letters.  The email makes reference to a recent publicity campaign by the Postal Service called “There is Nothing Like a Letter” and includes a quote from Congressman Tony Schnell.  It urges that Internet users contact their representatives in congress to oppose the bill.

The Truth: has designated this as not just a rumor, but a hoax, an intentional email of misinformation.  Since it isn’t benefiting or harming anyone in particular, it is probably a prank.  According to both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Postal Service, no such proposal has been planned or submitted.  There has never been a campaign by the Postal Service with the theme, “There’s Nothing Like a Letter.”  According to the House Of Representatives, there is a bill with the number “HR 602,” but it has nothing to do with taxing emails.  It is about long term health care insurance.  Most notably, the Congressman mentioned in the email, Congressman Tony Schnell, is a fabrication.  There is no such person in Congress.  This appears to be a U.S. version of a similar hoax in Canada in 1999.

This is a cousin to a similar eRumor that the Federal Communications Commission is going to issue a tax on Internet Access, which is also untrue.

For more information: United States Postal Service

Special thanks to Bobbi Cowan, Country Paul, and Colin Cameron for bringing the truth to light!


  1. Vinnie Bell Says:

    Dear Artie, In regard to your view on the Post Office, I say AMEN!!!

    Next before you know it, they will be demanding that we pay for their

    uniforms, shoes and Star-buck breaks.

    UN-SOCIALIST:Vinnie Bell…

  2. Bobbi Cowan Says:

    Hey Artie…
    I first heard about this a few years ago, was advised to go to to check its authenticity, found out it was NOT true, and breathed easier. Of course, that was in the BUSH era, and they got away with all kinds of murder then, so I would be less inclined to believe this story now, in the Obama era/weeks/days… There are so many internet organizations that would protest an obscenity like this, not to mention hackers and other geniuses who would quickly develop ways around it (I’m sure this is already in the works, if not already in operation)…
    But as ever, it’s great that you keep us all posted on the important things.
    Love ya…
    Bobbi Cowan, Thelma & Louise

  3. Kent Kotal Says:

    They’ve been threatening to do this for YEARS now and it hasn’t ever happened … one would hope this would continue to be the case? (Honestly, what does one have to do with the other??? The Post Office doesn’t OWN the Internet … it belongs to Al Gore, doesn’t it?!?!?) Obviously, people are mailing “snail-mail” less and less … and Obama has promised to take drastic measures to turn the economy around … but quite honestly if this happened, we’d simply post OUR newsletters online at the webpage instead … I DID hear that the price of stamps is going up … AGAIN … who can keep up with this pace anymore? (But then again I remember five cent stamps and penny postcards, too!!!)

  4. Country Paul Says:

    Absolutely not true. This hoax has been around for TEN years. Here’s what the most reliable debunking site,, has to say:

    Before anyone circulates stuff like this, I suggest checking with Snopes, or, if it’s internet-related, McAfee and Norton/Symantec.

    What is true – and perhaps why this rumor is going around again – is that the Post Office is raising the first class rate by 2 cents on May 11th. Buy your “forever” stamps now!

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