Last week “American Idol” reported almost 64 million votes were cast… the largest amount in the show’s history! Have you ever wondered how much the producers of “American Idol” get for each call and text?

Last week when ‘Lil Kim and her partner Derek Hough were sent home, it wasn’t because they weren’t the best, but because rodeo champ Ty  Murray’s huge fan base gave their TEN VOTES ALLOWED FOR EACH CALL to him. DAMN…TEN VOTES PER CALL? Then the calls are “supposedly” combined with the judges’ score to determine who stays or goes. Have you ever wondered how many calls really come in on any given night and how much they mean in the final tally?

In an age where “transparency” is the buzzword in every aspect of our society, “opaque” seems to be the byword of two of the most popular shows on television, “American Idol” and “Dancing with the Stars”. Nobody outside the of the show’s producers know what’s really going on….but as Paris Hilton once said, “We’re not talking about Rock Surgery here!”, so I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show…I mean shows!

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne

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In 1975, I was sitting in Wes Farrell’s (“Hang On Sloopy”) office up at Chelsea Records, when he played me a record he was about to release, “Sky High” by an English group called Jigsaw. I jumped out of my seat and screamed, “That’s a #1 record!”. Wes laughed, and in no time at all it hit the top of the charts!

A few months later at MIDEM, when the record was #1 in every country in the world, my partner Lou Reizner introduced me to Chas Peate, the publisher of the song and his two professional managers, Clive Scott and Des Dyer who wrote “Sky High” and were members of Jigsaw. Maybe it was the fact that they were primarily songwriters and publishers that we hit it off so well.

On their first trip to the US, Clive and Des put some incredible background parts on a master I was producing and didn’t charge me a penny! Their kindness to me throughout the years was extraordinary. Once my US production partner and I had a dispute and she froze my funds on the eve of my departure for Cannes, and another international music convention. Chas, Clive and Des let me use their booth to show and sell the seven dance albums I had, without asking me for a penny.

Over the years I lost contact with them, but reconnected over the internet. This morning Chas sent me an e-mail saying that Clive had passed away from a brain operation after an accident he had two weeks ago.

Clive Scott wasn’t just one of the good guys…he was one of the best!


Respectfully, Artie Wayne

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne