May 11, 2009

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In 1975, I was sitting in Wes Farrell’s (“Hang On Sloopy”) office up at Chelsea Records, when he played me a record he was about to release, “Sky High” by an English group called Jigsaw. I jumped out of my seat and screamed, “That’s a #1 record!”. Wes laughed, and in no time at all it hit the top of the charts!

A few months later at MIDEM, when the record was #1 in every country in the world, my partner Lou Reizner introduced me to Chas Peate, the publisher of the song and his two professional managers, Clive Scott and Des Dyer who wrote “Sky High” and were members of Jigsaw. Maybe it was the fact that they were primarily songwriters and publishers that we hit it off so well.

On their first trip to the US, Clive and Des put some incredible background parts on a master I was producing and didn’t charge me a penny! Their kindness to me throughout the years was extraordinary. Once my US production partner and I had a dispute and she froze my funds on the eve of my departure for Cannes, and another international music convention. Chas, Clive and Des let me use their booth to show and sell the seven dance albums I had, without asking me for a penny.

Over the years I lost contact with them, but reconnected over the internet. This morning Chas sent me an e-mail saying that Clive had passed away from a brain operation after an accident he had two weeks ago.

Clive Scott wasn’t just one of the good guys…he was one of the best!


Respectfully, Artie Wayne

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne


  1. Jay Warner Says:

    JAY WARNER 14 May, 2009

    I met Clive Scott’s music before I met the man. In 1974 I was running Wes Farrell’s music publishing when Wes gave me a song from Clive and his writing partner Des Dyer called “Who Do you Think You Are.” I knew it was a hit and sent it to ABC Records producer Steve Barri who cut it with Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods. In the summer of 1974 the record raced up the American National Charts to #15 giving both Clive and Des as well as this fledgling publisher our first American hit. I met Clive, Des and their manager Chas Peate later that year for the first time. I was used to American writers and artists. You know…… egotists, antagonist, morons so I was completely caught off guard by meeting a guy like Clive who was warm, appreciative, bright, almost shy in his demeanor. The four of us became instant friends, From that time on it was always an event for me when ever I’d see them. While Clive was in Los Angeles in 1983 I asked him to help produce a recording on my girlfriend Jackie who’d written a song for a film. He came to Lost on Larrabie studios and worked on the project for two days but wouldn’t take a dime of compensation, just wanting to help us out. That was Clive Scott. I wish he’d lived in Los Angeles, That’s the biggest thing I could hold against him in all these years. I wish he’d lived down the block. I am richer though for knowing him on the occasions we did meet, the correspondence we had and fun times we always shared in England, France, here. He was always the first to send me a note of congratulations when I achieved something, never missing an opportunity to knock me off my pedestal with his wry wit. Clive was a balance to many people. A constant in an ever evolving world, a safe harbor, a rock of continuity. If I didn’t see him for a year…same Clive. He was such a good soul. A rare person with a wonderful sense of humor and kindness that is unmatched. When I think of his long standing relationship with Des, his writing partner and partner in Jigsaw it reminds me of another partnership I personally know well to this day. Clive in my mind is producer/writer Bob Gaudio to Four Seasons lead singer Frankie Valli. Talent, loyalty and honor. God doesn’t make enough Clive Scott’s. As a talent, a friend and a wonderful human being, he was one of the absolute best. It will be intolerable without him. .

    Jay Warner President and CEO National League Music

  2. Barry Says:

    Artie this is a great blog thanks for sharing it.

  3. 1stratcat Says:

    ARTIE PLEASE HELP! My name is Sonia Kelsaw. I am a manager for a group who has used a sample of “Sky High” in one of their songs. We are looking for the pubisher, Chas Peate, so we can find out if we can clear the sample. I ran across your article after days and days of searching on the internet. Is there any way you could put me in touch with Chas Peate? I would be eternally grateful. My email address is and my phone number is 909-435-8835. You can ask for Sonia or Keith Kelsaw. Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.


    Sonia Kelsaw

  4. kettisha Says:

    hi would like to know where i could get some posters of Jigsaw would appreciate any help..just love this band soooo much.

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