May 19, 2009

adam kris

“AMERICAN IDOL” can sidestep sex scandals, but can they skirt the fact they get a cut from every phone call and text they receive. With over 100 million votes expected in tonight’s finale, will they step up and give at least part of their take to charity?

On Monday the international news service Reuters reported,

“American Idol” reaches its climax this week, still ruling the roost on U.S. television after eight seasons, but the battle of the songsters faces declining audiences and limits to its viewer-driven format.

The finale showdown on Tuesday pits musical theater star Adam Lambert, whom Entertainment Weekly magazine called “the most exciting ‘American Idol’ contestant in years,” against college student Kris Allen, a favorite among teenage girls…”

What started as a cheesy summer show in 2002 has mushroomed into a cultural phenomenon and an estimated $1 billion-plus brand spanning everything from ice-cream and trading cards to an attraction at Walt Disney World Resort.

“As a reality show, it’s unique in that regard,” said Brad Adgate, a vice president at advertising buyer Horizon Media.

“Idol” has partnerships with phone company AT&T for fan voting, with iTunes for contestant song downloads, and record company RCA and its sister labels, where Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and other past winners have cut albums.

But clouds are gathering on the horizon.”


My friend, Kent Kotal, wrote in the Latest edition of Forgotten Hits,

“They are NOT toll free numbers … never have been … and I’ve been saying for YEARS now that American Idol and Fox Television are making a KILLING on these phone charges … the program generates BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR in revenue!!! At $1.99 each for text messages, kids voting a dozen times for their favorites are spending close to $25 a week … every SINGLE week … to keep their favorites in the competition. It’s unreal the amount of money being generated by this phenomenon!!!”

The American public doesn’t care about the sexual orientation or marriage status of the two incredibly talented singers Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, but America won’t tolerate being taken advantage of!

It’s no wonder that Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul will be leaving the show when their contracts are up!


Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/


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  1. Robert Pingel Says:

    You’ve completely lost me with this post. What is your complaint? That they’re making money? That they don’t give enough to charity? That people who call in and vote aren’t aware it may cost money? There’s a remedy for the latter; it’s called parents.

    Artie, of all people, you should be more than familiar with the fact that American Idol is a part of the “music business.” Hey, I’ll bet they even make money on stuff like fan clubs. Oh the horror!

    • Artie Wayne Says:

      Hi Robert,

      I’m very impressed with how much AI makes, but not with how they’re exploiting the public.

      Ryan Seacrest has been scaring their viewers into voting more or their favorites might be going home? When Ryan “Pumps The Monkey”, so to speak, the producers make more money, even though Adam is expected to win by a huge margin.

      And If you don’t think Adam Lambert is Idol’s choice listen to the same song Adam and Kris will sing tonight, it will be so much more suited to Adam…who will blow Kris away!

  2. Joe Nelson Says:

    Hi, Artie,

    Absolutely true on your reply to Robert Pingel, to which I’d like to add that this has ALWAYS been the way AI has rigged the end of the contest. It can be argued that the main reason Kelly Clarkson won Season 1 was that most people didn’t want to have their ears assaulted by the sound of Justin Guarini singing “A Moment Like This” for two months. Likewise, when I saw that gospel choir in the final showdown between Fantasia Bariano and Diana DeGarmo my (then) wife and I turned to each other and said “Diana’s toast” in unison. I could go but you get the idea.

    I realize that AI is a singing competion first and foremost, but few singers are content to simply interpret what lands in front of them. Ultimately the creative process tends to turn to the process of creating from scratch – especially when the artists realize they’re being recouped to death on their royalties and the only thing you have any meaningful chance of actually seeing is performance rights money from ASCAP, BMI et al. What I’d like to see for the next season is for the producers to pair the final five or six contestants with professional songwriters, who will colaborate on the individual songs that each contestant will put up as his proposed first single in the event that he wins the competition. This would eliminate the mismatch once and for all, with the added benefit of giving the viewers/voters a glimpse of what to expect from artists as they take control of their musical image. Until then, it’s all a setup disguised as “your vote counts” – manipulating the casting of votes is as fraudulent as manipulating the way they are counted.

  3. Kent Kotal Says:

    My wife and I have been addicted fans of American Idol for the past seven seasons now … in fact, we’ve already got our tickets to see the touring version here in September … our FOURTH such show over that seven year period.

    For those of you who’ve been watching this year, you already know that one of the strongest seasons EVER in American Idol history. The final rounds of the competition aired last night … and it’s in the hands of the voters now.

    Every year there seems to be a couple of contestants who leaving you scratching your head at home, wondering how on earth they made it this far … but THIS year I’ve got to say that this has got to be the strongest Top Five we’ve ever seen. (The bottom five??? Not so much!!!)

    Although early front-runner / so called “sure-shot” Danny Gokey was eliminated last week, Kris Allen has proven to be an equally surprising and formidable opponent for CURRENT front-runner Adam Lambert. (Danny dominated the media blitz for the first six weeks of the competition, quickly establishing himself as “America’s Favorite” … but it’s pretty much been all Adam ever since. Quite honestly, there’s never been as dynamic a performer week in and week out as what Adam has shown us this season.)

    However, Frannie raises a VERY interesting point of consideration: with Danny now OUT of the competition, where are his votes going to go??? Odds are if you were a Danny Fan, you probably weren’t impressed with Adam’s over-the-top theatrics … and while I see bright futures for ALL of The Top Three contestants, I don’t really see them appealing to the same audience … and this “splitting of the genres” just may be enough to sway a considerable amount of votes over to Kris’ camp.

    Could this turn out to be the biggest upset in American Idol History???

    And what OTHER factors come into play here?

    Is American ready for its first flamboyantly gay American Idol? (What’s next … a Black President?!?!?) Or is Kris the “safer” choice???

    Idol made it through the entire season pretty much scandal-free this year (a rarity for this show) … unless, of course, you count all of the Kara backlash … the biggest difference adding a fourth judge this season seemed to cause was nearly every program running longer than its designated time slot!!! Since we didn’t have a scandal to focus on this year, the media seemed to concentrate on Adam’s sexuality instead … it wasn’t fair a couple of weeks ago when Katy Perry came out wearing an Adam Lambert cape … nor was it fair when two weeks ago Adam … and ONLY Adam … appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. Without question it would seem that the media (including THIS blogsite) was declaring Adam the winner WEEKS before the competition officially ended. (By the way, the Entertainment Weekly article devoted about 5% of its article to discussing Adam’s talent … and about 90% of its space to encouraging him to “come out” now and be proud of who he really is!!! Come on … is this REALLY what this competition is supposed to be about? Danny Gokey got criticized throughout this whole ordeal for playing up the sympathy vote due to the passing of his young wife … you may have heard them mention it three or four hundred times on the show … all that being said, perhaps Kris IS the safest choice … could he really win this thing by default???)

    While much has been made recently about the amount of money Fox and American Idol makes with this venture … and a comment made above suggests that some portion of it should go to a designated charity … one must ALSO remember that American Idol has raised MILLIONS of dollars through their “Idol Gives Back” campaign the past few seasons. (I don’t know why the usual “special edition” fundraiser wasn’t held this year … it’s usually a gala event that really brings the stars out and the ratings typically go through the roof.) Not that they’re lacking in that department either … viewership typically tops the 35 million mark each week … so an awful lot of are watching!

    Stay tuned, America … we’ll find out tonight how America has voted … as Artie mentioned, tallies are expected to top 100 MILLION VOTES for the first time in Idol History!!!

  4. Barry Says:

    Artie once a again this is great writing you are on top of it keep up the great work my friend have a great day.

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