May 21, 2009


AND HERE”S THE STORY THAT SHOULD HAVE RUN…”As confetti falls over the newly crowned “American Idol”, Adam Lambert, it’s hard not to become emotional. Not only is his stunning win justified, but his triumph is also a shot in the arm to the entire American Dream!”

I wasn’t very impressed when the “American Idol” competition began this year, and wondered if I would even watch the whole season. Then a few of the singers began to distinguish themselves, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, and Matt Giraud  all  made lasting impressions, but it was Adam Lambert who made watching mandatory!

When you see Adam perform “Tracks Of My Tears”, “Whole Lotta’ Love”, “A Change Is Gonna” Come”, or “No Boundaries” you immediately recognize a “quality” that only a few artists have ever possessed. Every time I see him I’m inspired and remember my own Rock and Roll Dreams!

After spending half of my life in the music business, I named and hosted Genghis Cohen the hot Hollywood restaurant, where I hand-painted clothes, and became known as the Father of Wearable Art.

Having said all that, for all that Adam has given me and the rest of the world, I want to give him a present of the last major piece that I created, before I lost control of my hands due to a spinal operation ten years ago.


In the pocket I’m going to slip a CD of my latest song, which I’m finishing up for him!

God Bless Adam Lambert, the true  “American Idol”! The jacket is still yours, man, you deserve it!

And congratulations to the guy who actually won…whatever his name is.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO  of ADAM LAMBERT, the TRUE “AMERICAN IDOL” in a better performance than anything he ever did on “American Idol”! Just put up minutes ago it only has 4,000 views on YOUTUBE so far…it could reach 100,000,000 by Memorial Day!

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne

Official American Idol” website

For a glimpse of Artie Wayne’s Wearable Art Collection


  1. A.j. Says:

    It’s sad when real talent loses to karioke – BUT it is the masses of young girls with surging hormones who loved a cutie (Kris) instead of worrying about the depth of the vocals —

    • I totally agree, Adam HAS WON! Don’t forget, the whole darn voting thingy could have possibly been fixed. Ya know how crooked America’s Music business is, has been and always will be. Remember when Rufus WON? But Clay Aiken really won! Same with Daughtry. BTW, your artwork was slammin! Hope he records your song! I don’t have a TV. So, I never watched any of this year’s Idols. I only have access to the clips you shared and those that I could find on youtube before they were banned. The little that I saw of the other singers was all I needed to know that Adam was, and is the clear outspoken winner. His sexuality, in my humble opinion, is a plus! His excellent performances were enhanced by his beauty and studied showmanship.

  2. Sadly Adam’s defeat makes it all to clear that America still has a way to go to get to where sexuality is not a factor in everyday life. Good luck with your song, Artie.

  3. Colleen Says:

    Artie I didnt know you couldnt use your hands. I think Adam should have won as well, he is quite talented he has the Prince thing going on if you know what I mean.

  4. Sorry ADAM, WE still love you, can’t believe the outcome! I know it had something to do with , other than TALENT.Kris is good , no doubt , but Adam is something so different than we have seen since Elvis. Well that is the way I feel about it, guess there is no more to say. love to Adam. Vikki

  5. John Madara Says:

    Artie….Adam Lambert is the best that has ever been on American Idol.
    That he did not win is outrageous.
    Adam is far and away the best singer,performer I have seen in a long long
    time.I can not think of anyone that I have looked forward to watching perform.
    He will still be one of the great singers of all time!!!!
    I have bought every thing that he has done from I-Tunes and keep on playing
    them over and over.I have never done this before with any artist.
    Adam you are the American Idol a true Idol.

  6. Country Paul Says:

    “Pat Boone” beat “Elvis.” Adam will survive. Who’s this other guy again?

  7. lou rotondo Says:

    Artie I had no idear of your loss…One thing I must say is you are right on target by telling it like it is…Adam is the new American Idol in my book, I’ve been in this business for fifty years, believe me when I say adam’s voice
    is a gift from god. His talent will get him out there where he should be ( on Billboard Charts )
    It also seemed to me that simon was at loss for words.

  8. freedspace Says:

    sorry to hear about your condition….and i totally agree with you. mediocrity won over pure genius. i still can’t believe how shallow (also blind and deaf) AI voters had been. maybe it was pity for kris that got them voting for him? anyway, adam’s a done deal. he’s going to be huge.

  9. Joe K. Says:

    For god’s sake, WHO CARES??? Artie your decades old stories about the music business are interesting and entertaining (although having known you personally for 35 years I have heard them all dozens of times before). But do consider doing all of your readers (and yourself) a favor and stop pandering for blog hits by blogging about current tabloid stars and mainstream media events like “American Idol.”

    Okay. “American Idol” has morphed into a mega-money machine on all levels. Duh. It has 30 to 40 million viewers per week. Of course everyone involved in the show wants to milk profits from this “media phenom” on every level for as long as they can while the show remains a huge hit. Who wouldn’t? Ryan Seacrest does, in fact, state that “standard text messages rates apply” for texting votes. This is the same level of disclosure (or more) as all the companies and entities out there who are pandering for calls, texts and other uses of wireless and online connectivity. How about ALL of the cell phone providers who make countless BILLIONS of dollars per year from consumers who barely understand the terms of their calling plans, text and yakk forever, pile up endless charges, while the service providers reap in endless revenues? Let’s get real here, Artie.

    As a former “player” in the very same industry you are now complaining about, I am sure you would have been a very anxious participant in the kind of revenues that a show like “American Idol” could have generated back in the sixties and seventies. As I recall, you have repeatedly submitted songs you wrote for “American Idol” participants in the past and just blogged that you have another song for the show.

    It would be naive to suggest that, with the kind of monies that are involved with a “mega-hit” phenomenon such as American Idol, that there would not be numerous examples of exploitation exhibited at every level, just as there has ALWAYS BEEN in the music and entertainment business.

    It’s just that, now, the numbers are bigger.

    To blog that the producers of American Idol are trying to exploit their position by making deals for a kick-back on text messages or that they are somehow “rigging the votes” for whatever reason is nothing more than a “cry-baby-school-yard” rant about the very same kind of exploitation that has been rampant in the entertainment business for decades.

    The kind of corruption, rip-offs and media manipulation you now so boldly complain about has been around as long as there has been a music business.

    So, Artie, with all due respect (and I really do mean that), give all your readers a break and continue with your stories about the “good old days” and, please, do consider sparing your audience of the pandering diatribes about how corrupt the music business of “today” has become.

    Alternatively, why not blog the endless stories (you have related to me) about all of the ripoffs, corruption and misdeeds that occurred way back when, that you have direct knowledge of.

    These entries, IMHO, would be far more interesting than rants about how horrible it is that the producers of American Idol are getting a vig from AT&T or that BMI won’t issue you a royalty check for under $200 dollars (even though they will pay you through a direct deposit account)?

    Otherwise, you risk losing your credibility as an educated and experienced music industry professional who has always been keenly aware of the exploitative nature of the entertainment business.

    Meanwhile, all the best, old friend……

    • Artie Wayne Says:

      Joe…I see that you haven’t gotten over the fact that I turned down your offer, a few months ago, to exclusively represent my blog and my book. Perhaps I shouldn’t have laughed in your face, when you insisted that I had to turn over the ownership of my website to you before you and your partners would work with me!

      I want to thank you for your suggestion. Maybe it’s time I start writing about the payola, kickbacks, and drug payoffs I experienced “in the “Good Old Days”.

      Looking forward to not hearing from you again.

      • John Madara Says:

        Alex….Did you forget about Elton John, David Bowie,and many others.
        Adam will have a great career because he is the best singer,performer
        to come along in a long time.

        Artie….Joe sounds like a very bitter man. Sounds like he loves living
        in the past. This is 2009 or 1979?? Joe check what year it is.
        Artie puts a lot of time and effort into this blog.
        Get over it!!!

      • John Madara Says:

        Artie….Joe sounds like a very bitter man. Sounds like he loves living
        in the past. This is 2009 or 1979?? Joe check what year it is.
        Artie puts a lot of time and effort into this blog.
        Get over it!!!

  10. Alex Milstein Says:

    Yes, Adam has a great voice, but to me he comes off as a bit of a poser.

    The hair, the guyliner, the outfits all seemed like a costume in which he cloaked the voice.

    I’m sure he will have a great career, but he came off way too show-bizzy Vegas for me.

    • John Madara Says:

      John Madara Says:

      May 22, 2009 at 3:59 pm
      Alex….Did you forget about Elton John, David Bowie,and many others.
      Adam will have a great career because he is the best singer,performer
      to come along in a long time.

  11. Mary Says:

    I appreciate your comments very much. I am from outside the US and not a HUGE Idol fan, however, every year I do tune in to see what is being offered as singing and entertainment (something I live for). A few years I was interested in some of the talent and how far of an achievement they would actually attain. I’m sure, like others,I was somewhat disappointed in the final results for most of the years that Idol has been running. But never so disappointed in Americans as I have been this year. Boy did they do themselves wrong in the eyes that are watching OUTSIDE the great USA! My question is “Will they live it down?”. At first I thought “IDOL’S LOSS” but then I reminded myself that without Adam this year Idol would have been put on the back burner for a great number of the viewers early on in the game.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t reiterate my belief that from Day One when I heard Adam and then every week after week, the quality and uniqueness of this young man is next to pure genious. It’s such a delight when someone of his talent, versatility, stage presence, not to mention superb vocals, comes along. I was astounded by the fact that this fabulous person was not already gobbled up by some agent. Where has Adam been that he hadn’t been discovered yet? So I took it upon myself to further research him and his career. Boy was I elated that I had…because the vocals that I was exposed to in my research were phenomenal… he blew me out of the water, especially when I discovered a site that had Adam, at age 22, singing “Come to Me” from Brigadoon. I then realized that the Idol viewers had only experienced a small fragment of what Adam’s vocal range and genre repertoire entails.

    When I review the final night’s victory vote… I truly believe that it is “BITTERSWEET” – BITTER because someone who is so deserving of the title didn’t receive it and SWEET because he will be free from IDOL and ready to meet his waiting WORLD…because the world is watching and waiting for this individual. It’s definitely his time, his glory, his success waiting to come to fruition and I can only say that I am overjoyed to be around to see it unfold.

    In saying all of this, I feel I should also say that I’m not saying that Kris and the others aren’t talented because they are and will have great futures as well, I’m sure. Nevertheless though, it is Adam who was and is in a league of his own and no one, no matter how hard they try, can ever take that away from him.

    During this whole IDOL experience he has portrayed nothing but sheer professionalism, he is graceful with his interviews and extremely mature in handling himself with all and any situations. The signs of a true character that’s worth emulating and that of a person who is true to himself. Bravo! Adam, always remember to stay true to yourself because that’s who we all admire and love…you will be a legend…there’s no doubt in my mind and thank you for all you shared with us already in this BIG WORLD!

  12. Overseas Says:

    Oh the winner name is “”the guy that shouldn’t have won and his homestate rigged the voting.”

    I’m from overseas. WE just want to see Adam Lambert. We do not care about the results. He is better than the winner, whoever he is.

  13. Overseas Says:

    Forgot to add – The winner takes the crown, but only for last night. Adam got his career going now.

  14. Lynn Says:

    As a fan, PLEASE do us all a favor! Get your first album out RIGHT on the heels of this show! Make sure you capitalize on the high that comes from competing.

  15. Success Says:

    ADam, you are already a success. The other guy, don’t really care because he is so boring to me.

  16. wtfJoe Says:

    Artie, ignore the rumblings of this guy Joe K. Can you delete it? I love your blog very much. Was recommended highly to visit here and have bookmarked it. Stay strong like Adam. You’re a gem.

  17. Music Fan Says:

    Success on American Idol may or may not parallel success in the recording and performing business. Time will tell if Adam Lambert will be more popular than the man who won. I think we can get too wrapped up in this before we realize “It’s just a TV show.” I have been told that many times about many TV shows. You can be #2 all your life and consistency would place you at #1 far and wide in the end.

  18. Mike Edwards Says:

    I wonder if Paula Abdul’s seeming lack of objectivity has an effect on the way viewers vote. Paula seems to be ecstatic about everyone who performs in front of her, as if she is their cheerleader and not their critic. Did she ever make the case for Adam Lambert over Kris Allen? I think not – and so went the voting.

  19. Simon Cowell is soooo bad, still funny to watch him take people down though

  20. Carolynne Says:

    Reading these posts in hindsight is interesting.

    You have to hand it to Kris’ supporters for having so much faith in his victory in the week after the event.

    What a shame that the information that has been available publicly outside of America since the day after the final is still denied to the people of America.

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