July 9, 2009


CONGRATULATIONS Alan! What is amazing to me is you’re a better songwriter and performer today than you were 30 years ago! Your new CD is as relevant as the recent releases by Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Madonna, and Brian Wilson. It’s the finest album of your career.

When I worked with you at Warner Brothers Music, in the early ‘70s, we got hundreds, yes hundreds of covers on your highly commercial songs, which included cuts by 3 Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Bobby Sherman, Cher, Dawn, Helen Reddy, and Anne Murray. Although I knew you were immensely talented, I never expected you to develop into the artist you’ve become.

As contemporary as Nickelback, Coldplay, and John Mayer, I think your new CD, “I HEAR VOICES” is poised to capture the imagination of a new generation. I’m really proud that you start off the 14 song CD, with a song we co-wrote, “(Ain’t Gonna Hang Up) My Rock And Roll Shoes”:

“Back in the days of 45s, Had a hit record but I survived
you may not remember, it’s been a long time,
But I’m still a legend in my own mind!

So turn up the music and turn off the news
Gimme three minutes, I can loosen your screws
Rock your booty ’til you blow a fuse
Ain’t Gonna’ Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes”
Copyright Cityman Music/ WayneArt Music

The next 53 minutes are filled with instant classics.  “I Hear Voices” and “In Heavens Eyes” will probably be covered by some major artists, “Please Don’t Believe Me” feels like its ripped right out of today’s headlines.

I could write pages about what I heard, but “a song is worth a thousand words!” If my readers click onto, they can hear a complete verse and chorus of eight different songs from “I HEAR VOICES” for themselves!

Wishing you continued success, your friend, Artie

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne



  1. Susan Says:

    I love everything about this song…the music, the witty lyrics, and Alan’s voice.
    “She said whaaaaaa?… I said oooooweeee…she said “al-RIGHT! I said love me love me love me”

    32 years ago, boy am I old! I was 15 when this came out! Does it bring back great teenage memories.

    Alan, thanks for this song, and all the other great songs you’ve written over the years. But especially during the 70’s, those were the best years of my life 🙂

    San Francisco

  2. Alan O'Day Says:

    Artie, my friend – –
    How nice of you to share this with your readers, and to praise my new CD as well.
    BTW I hope to have my 70’s albums, including UA, available on iTunes & CDBaby later this year.
    Following my bliss & still surviving – –


    PS: Thanks Susan!

    • Susan Says:

      You’re welcome Alan! You rock! Wish I could be in Nashville to see you at the Bluebird in October. Have been to Nashville twice and fell in love with it, hope to move there one day.

      All the best.

  3. Mark Says:

    Hi Alan and Artie,
    Susan forwarded this to me and I had to comment.

    I loved “Undercover Angel” and remember it being out at the same time as
    “Angel In Your Arms”- by HOT and always sort of intermingling them…

    I also like “Skinny Girls”, a catchy novelty song often played
    by Dr. Demento.

    I was working at a Harts Department store in hardware. The automotive
    department was right next to us and they had a HUGE display of car
    (still mostly 8-track!), all hooked up and tuned to WNCI- the local top
    station. So I got to hear the top tunes all summer, til I changed jobs to
    at McDonalds.

    I was just thinking about that summer with the passing of Michael
    as Elvis, then Groucho Marx both passed away that same summer of 1977.

    Here’s a page from my music journal of the time… Dr. M

    JAN 1977:
    (01/77) ABBA- Dancing Queen
    (01/77) FLEETWOOD MAC- Go Your Own Way
    (01/77) KANSAS- Carry On My Wayward Son
    (01/77) STREISAND- Evergreen
    (02/77) ELO- Do Ya
    (02/77) HALL & OATES- Rich Girl
    (03/77) EAGLES- Hotel California
    (03/77) SCAGGS, BOZ- Lido Shuffle

    APRIL 1977:
    (04/77) CONTI, BILL- Gonna Fly Now (Theme from Rocky)
    (04/77) FLEETWOOD MAC- Dreams
    (04/77) HOT- Angel In Your Arms
    (04/77) STARZ- Cherry Baby (I finally found the YELLOW VINYL on this
    (04/77) WONDER, STEVIE- Sir Duke (Remember hearing this at the Skyview
    Drive in before “It’s Alive”)
    (04/77) WILLIAMS, JOHN- Star Wars- SOUNDTRACK (Bought at Tumbleweeds
    before the movie even came out!)

    (05/77) BUFFETT, JIMMY- Margaritaville (Remember hearing this at the
    Skyview Drive in before “It’s Alive”)
    (05/77) CASSIDY, SHAUN- Da Doo Ron Ron
    (05/77) EAGLES- Life In the Fast Lane
    (05/77) FRIEDMAN, DEAN- Ariel
    (05/77) MILLER, STEVE- Jet Airliner
    (05/77) O’DAY, ALAN- Undercover Angel
    (05/77) 78= Got a 78rpm of “Babalu” by Desi Arnaz at Cinevent movie

    BTW as of 2009 “Cinevent” is still held (in Columbus Ohio on Memorial Day
    Weekend) and is one of the premiere movie conventions- though they are
    more about showing vintage movies than having a bunch of celebrities.

    *****HARTS-era (Songs heard from the car radios in Auto

    JULY 1977:
    (06/77) CASSIDY, SHAWN- Do Doo Ron Ron
    (06/77) COMMODORES- EASY
    ( / ) BOSTON- Feels Like The First Time
    (07/77) ELO- Telephone Line (Green Vinyl 45- ELO had colored vinyl 45’s)
    (07/77) EMOTIONS- Best Of My Love
    (07/77) LP= KISS- Love Gun (I got at Tumbleweed’s, before friend Bruce
    got his!)
    (07/77) RAM JAM- Black Betty
    (07/77) SUPERTRAMP- Give A Little Bit
    (07/77) WILSON, MERI- Telephone Man

    AUGUST 1977: (Elvis Dies 08/16/77) (Groucho Marx dies)
    (08/77) SIMON, Carly- Nobody Does It Better

    Questions?/Comments? * This Has Been e-mail From:
    “Dr. Mark” Hill * The Doctor Of Pop Culture /*/

  4. MarkBarkan Says:

    Lovely-wait till you hear mine-I never had a hit as an artist and probably never will but the songs on my coming CD are some of the best I’ve written in the last 20 years-An artist is only as old as his /her heart-and usually the heart is forever young.

  5. Tom Diehl Says:

    I have to say that I am in love with Alan O’Day’s newest cd…i’ve written elsewhere about the cd but it just thrills me…just the other night I listened to My Rock And Roll Shoes again, along with a brand new record recorded by Freddy Cannon and Ron Dante, and thought to myself “boy, these records sound like smash hits to me…it’s a shame radio doesn’t see it that way!”. The best way to spread my love of the music is through the internet and that is what I do as an internet DJ. I help introduce the music to an audience that may have not heard the songs otherwise, and let them know where the tunes can be purchased, if there is a place they can be legally purchased. I also love websites like the Forgotten Hits website that help make sure these artists are not forgotten to the sands of time…especially with the recent featuring of Alan’s original demo recording of a tune recorded by John Kay of Steppenwolf….you just can’t find stuff like that anywhere unless places are willing to promote it. Featuring rare items like that present a wonderful oppertunity to promote new music as well…. God bless Alan for continuing to do what he does well, and what he loves best.

    I’m also pleased to see Mark Barkan’s message above, I’ve long been a fan of his work, which started when i saw his name along with Ben Raleigh’s alongside some titles on a Ronnie Dove LP that I owned…If I Live To Be A Hundred is one of the best records, lyrically, that Ronnie ever recorded. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing Mark’s upcoming cd. More recently I was given a copy of a Mark Thatcher 45 called Joanie, and noticed Mark and Ben wrote both sides of that together. Perhaps Mark Barkan could tell me who Mark Thatcher was….i’ve been unable to google any info beyond two 45s for united artists and one for Diamond records.

    Tying all of this into Artie’s thread, I’ve loved “Midnight Mary”, the Joey Powers hit written by Artie Wayne and Ben Raleigh, ever since I was a little kid (which was not TOO long ago, i’m 24 now). May those of you who created the songs I love continue to create more songs that I love in the future. I look forward to everything you have to throw at me to listen to, and always appreciate the effort you all have put into your passion when working on music. Thank you, always.

    • MarkBarkan Says:

      Mark Thatcher was really Kenny Karen who has done a million commercials and is a great guy-If you go to CD baby you can hear parts of a Cd I wrote all the songs except one with my co-producer Albert Bouchard of Blue Oyster Cult fame. It’s called Nothing’s Better Than Love and the singer is Kelli McCloud. My own singer-songwriter CD will be coming sometime next year. Also Ben and I wrote a few hits for Lesley Gore-

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