October 19, 2009


Today I was planning to pitch a radical promotion idea for Tommy James (“I Think We’re Alone Now”) who’s about release a book, “Me, the Mob, and the Music”, but the “Balloon Boy” incident stopped me in my tracks!

I was going to propose that Tommy start using Twitter to let his fans know his every move up to the release of the book…then send one last message that says, “This will be my last “Tweet” for a while, I’m going into the witness protection program.”

Then go silent for three days.

Can you imagine the media frenzy…the world wide speculation? The attention “Me, The Mob, and The Music”, would get? But when Tommy returned and innocently said, he was “only kidding”, and needed some time to himself, would he be greeted by adoring fans throwing “Crimson and Clover”, or a torch bearing mob tired of media “Hanky Panky”?

I’m sure Tommy will get a laugh out of my “plan” when he hears about it, but he’s one artist who doesn’t need any gimmicks to get the attention he deserves. Here he is performing one his biggest hits “CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION” and you’ll see what I mean.

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/07/12/thank-you-for-one-million-hits/

For complete story of Balloon Boy Hoax. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8313439.stm

For Tommy James http://tommyjames.com

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  1. Tom Diehl Says:

    I got to see Tommy James perform a couple of months ago…. from beginning to end he put on an excellent show — although quite loud…i’m surprised he isn’t totally deaf from how many times he’s likely performed at that volume….after the show some friends and I got to spend a little while chatting with him (largely in part thanks to another friend who actually drove up to the show with tommy thus giving us extended access to the man).

    One idea I’d love to see Tommy do is a singles collection in live form, a dvd of him performing all of his old singles, both A and B sides, to please every fan that doesn’t get to hear their favorite lost B side in concert (when you have so many hits, even some lesser charting tunes get left out as well). This would probably be best done as an in-studio performance rather than in front of audiences who may never have heard some of those songs to begin with, however if he ever did it, I’d love to be in that audience. Tommy still sounds as great as ever and he is probably the friendliest, most down to earth performer I have ever met.

  2. Country Paul Says:

    Balloon Boy: media hype at its absolute worst. Shame on the hoaxer and almost EVERY media outlet, all of whom fell for it. (And with 29 years in pro radio plus two more in college under my belt, it really hurts to say that, but “news” has sadly devolved to that. At least the New York Times covered the coverage as the story, but damn, what a waste of air, ink and time the whole thing is. And we know it wasn’t a slow news day – – wasn’t there enough war, politics, and weather disasters to cover?!? Not to mention which young Hollywood star or starlet is having an affair….Oh, sorry; that’s sorta the same as Balloon Boy.

    Tommy James: if he REALLY tells the whole story, he’ll NEED the witness protection program!

  3. Country Paul Says:

    Oh, yeah – also, good video, but the double time at the end didn’t do much for me. Great till then, though….

  4. Kent Kotal Says:

    Man, what a GREAT live rendition of a CLASSIC Tommy James tune … Crystal Blue Persuasion never sounded better! I have been waiting for Tommy’s book to hit the shelves for a couple of years now … a pretty gutsy thing to do, to be sure … and I’ve heard that there’s already talk about a movie deal being in the works. Should make for some FASCINATING reading … can’t wait!!!

  5. Robby Says:

    What a crazy hoax. I have read about this a few places.

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