October 31, 2009

where the action is

An excerpt from Randy Lewis’ L.A. Times review on Rhino’s new collection “WHERE THE ACTION IS! LOS ANGELES NUGGETS 1965-1968”

“The mid-’60s was a remarkably dynamic time in pop music, so it’s no surprise that Rhino Records’ latest edition of the Nuggets series, this one focusing on L.A., has a breathtaking range of recordings from the city’s heavy hitters.

The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, the Doors, the Beach Boys, the Mamas & the Papas, Randy Newman, Arthur Lee & Love and, yes, the Monkees are all featured among the collection’s 101 tracks, as are dozens of colorful acts that largely have been forgotten by just about everyone but the producers of this four-CD set. “

One of those lesser known acts, The Impacts includes my longtime friend and sometime collaborator, Merrell Fankhauser, co-writer of one the biggest surfing instrumentals of all-time, “WIPEOUT.” Just yesterday, New Media Joe (Klein), interviewed Merrell for Kent Kotals’ Forgotten Hits special instrumental issue, which will appear on Monday.

New Media Joe gives us a preview…

Merrell told me that he is very excited about the compilation and feels a deep sense of pride that one of his own songs “TOMORROW’S GIRL”, made the cut. “It really feels great to have this all but forgotten hit included on a package alongside such a great lineup of legendary acts from that era,” Merrell says. “It’s also great to be getting recognition for my own modest contributions to the music scene all these years later.”

He added that, “On Sunday, November 1, Merrell is attending a big shindig, video screenings, and signing event for WHERE THE ACTION IS, hosted by Rhino at the fabled Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. He’ll be signing copies of the album for fans, along with Forgotten Hits regular contributor Billy Hensche (Dino, Desi & Billy), Bobby Hart (Boyce & Hart), Van Dyke Parks, and Mark Tulin (The Electric Prunes). Merrell is bringing a camera man and is planning to interview Andrew Sandoval, the man who put the Rhino package together, to include in an episode of his own cable television show, TIKI LOUNGE.“

Read New Media Joe’s whole story about the new Rhino compilation, which posts Monday on FORGOTTEN HITS. Then, later in the week, read the first installment of “THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF A SURF MUSIC LEGEND—THE WIPE OUT STORY,” which documents Merrell Fankhauser’s incredible life and career, exclusively on FORGOTTEN HITS!

Here’s the song that I co-wrote with Merrell “CALLING FROM A STAR,” which was produced by Art Munson (Dick Dale and the Deltones), New Media Joe, and myself.

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne

Here is the official page for the box set at the Rhino Records website:

To visit Merrell’s website, click here:

To read New Media Joe’s company blog, click here:



  1. NewMediaJoe Says:


    I think it’s so great that our old friend Merrell Fankhauser was recognized for his contributions to the music world by having one of his very cool, albeit obscure, songs included on this great new Rhino package!

    Merrell, who has been making music for fifty years and is still going strong, was very excited about the event at the Egyptian when I spoke with him on Halloween (the night before the big “happening”). He was bringing his camera man with him and was planning to get some great video footage from the shindig!

    I’ll pass along Merrell’s first hand recap of the party in another comment in the next day or two. Meanwhile thanks for providing a link to the FORGOTTEN HITS blog, where my item about the new Rhino package and the story about Merrell’s song making the cut in to the compilation is posted!

    It’s so “bitchin” to see that the “sound of the sixties” is still alive and well, and seeing a new renaissance in the new millenium! Keep up the good work and “Keep on truckin” with your blog! It continues to bring back great memories and help the greatest music ever recorded live on!

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