January 18, 2010

Dick Holler, wrote one of the most important songs of our generation, “Abraham, Martin, and John”. Here is Dion performing his hit version on the Smothers Brothers Show, “Moms” Mabley’s heartfelt version produced by Barry Oslander, and Marvin Gaye and his stellar rendition.

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FOR THE STORY OF MY BRIEF ENCOUNTER WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2007/01/15/my-brief-encounter-with-martin-luther-king/

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7 Responses to “ABRAHAM, MARTIN, AND JOHN 2010”

  1. carol ross-durborow Says:

    how poignant…how inspirational…especially in these difficult times in the world…we all rush around, busy, taking care of our business….we need to stop and reflect and put things in perspective and priorities…..thanks, artie, you always come thru with incredible stuff….love you….carol

  2. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    And just to think … Mr. Holler’s only other well-known songwriting credits are for the novelties “Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron” and “It Kinda Looks Like Christmas” (B-side of “Snoopy’s Christmas”). You never quite know from whom such a masterpiece as “A, M & J” will come.

  3. Mike Edwards Says:

    Hi Artie,

    Thanks for reminding me about Dion’s “Abraham, Martin And John”. What a great comeback record for him in 1968. I should have played it yesterday.

    And what goes around comes around, as today the senate seat vacated by Teddy Kennedy, brother of two of the subjects in Dick Holler’s song, is being contested in Massachusetts. Let’s hope the spirit of this song live on today.

  4. I love this song, it always makes me weep..the videos are wonderful…thanks Artie, you always rock!

  5. porky Says:

    everytime I hear the song I wonder who is playing the incredible bass? Anyone know?

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