April 12, 2010

Although we hear complaints everyday that there isn’t enough great music on television, that just isn’t true anymore. We’re in the middle of the best season of “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars” (although I still can’t figure out which ones are the stars) and this Tuesday night on FOX, following “American Idol”,  starts the second season of “GLEE”, by far the best music show on television!

Last year when I was creating a video jukebox for my friend, songwriter Dean Pitchford (“Fame”, “Footloose”), he asked me if I had seen “GLEE” yet.  He told me that twelve years ago he cast the show’s teacher, Matt Morrison, in the first national tour of the “Footloose” stage musical. It was apparent even then that he was a star in the making,” Dean remembers.  “Now everyone sees what I saw then.”

He also said that, as a music man, I would love this show because “it flips the traditional formula on its head:  instead of the ‘cool’ kids playing in rock ‘n’ roll bands, “Glee” is about the misfits who, despite the judgment of their classmates, come together (like a dysfunctional  family) to do really terrific choral arrangements of classics.  And they do them with amazing flair!”

Dean was right, “GLEE”, more hope opera than soap opera, is the weekly story of the trials and tribulations of a modern high school Glee club. They use  songs of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s as well as recent hits to move the stories along much like a Broadway musical. Most of their songs are not only the kind you want to sing along with, but also the kind the want to buy, as demonstrated by the two number one albums they’ve had in the past year!

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TO WATCH PREVIOUS FULL EPISODES OF “GLEE” http://www.fox.com/glee/

My friend Alan O’Day updated his classic, “ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN” (Stevenson/ O’Day), which includes many recent Rock and Roll Star passings, and I think The Cast of GLEE could have a number one hit with it. Since the demo was put up on YouTube it’s received almost 600,000 views! What do you think?

To reach Alan O’Day http://alanoday.com

To reach Dean Pitchford http://deanpitchford.com/

For The DEAN PITCHFORD VIDEO JUKEBOX https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/the-dean-pitchford-video-jukebox/

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2 Responses to ““GLEE” RETURNS TO NUMBER ONE!”

  1. Alan O'Day Says:

    Hey Artie, thanks for turning me onto “Glee”! It’s a killer show, I love the music, and I look forward to seeing the new season starting this evening.

  2. Sunny Says:

    Hey Artie,
    I tivo’d “Glee” tonight. I think you have another brilliant idea about them doing “RocknRoll Heaven.”
    Hope someone who can make this happen is reading your blog.

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