April 23, 2010

Over the last few days we got hundreds and hundreds of e-mails about the possibility of independent music producer Joel Diamond replacing Simon Cowell on “American Idol”. Even Cindy Adams wrote about it in the New York Post this morning!

Over the years Grammy Award Winning Joel Diamond, as a producer/ songwriter has had 36 gold and platinum records with diverse artists like Englebert Humperdink, Gloria Gaynor, Ray J, and producing and managing The 5 Browns who have literally dominated Billboard Magazine’s Classical Charts for 3 years running with their 3 consecutive #1 CD’s, at one point holding down both the #1 & #2 positions in Billboard.

We caught up with the man himself as he was about to leave for the studio.  to put the final touches on a new recording that he is producing with Athene Noelle and breaking new ground by combining Opera & Dance.

Artie – “Joel…you must really be excited about all the attention you’re getting.”

Joel – “I’m beyond flattered by all the generous and warm responses from many of my friends in the business and somewhat in disbelief that my name is even mentioned in the ‘mix’.”

Artie – “So you’re a fan of the show?”

Joel – “How can you not be? It’s the first time the public really has an opportunity to see what it takes and how much work, time, and effort goes into becoming a real star!  I’m impressed with the way “American Idol” promotes their artists and how they act as a conduit for getting their music to the public; in fact, American Idol could become the new business model for the entire (and ailing) music industry.  They make the contestant’s TV performances available the day after the show on I-Tunes as digital downloads.  Artie, do you remember on MOTOWN night when Berry Gordy gave permission for each of the contestants to record their voices on the original Motown hit track?  The only cost was the re-record of the lead vocal and mix…for me, it’s not unlike the music industry’s ‘green’ contribution of recycling hit records which will in turn provide a new  revenue stream for the product that record company already owns.”

Artie – “Who do you think should win “American Idol” this season?”

Joel – I think it’ll come down to whoever picks the best song and has the best performance from now until the finale.

Artie – “Which of the contestants would you personally like to produce?

Joel – “All of them”

Artie – “What do you mean?

Joel – “I thought of a great idea and the perfect song for “all of them” to perform together with each finalist taking a line or two in the verses, and all of them singing the chorus. It’s a remake of the Righteous Brothers “Rock and Roll Heaven” (coupled with a heart warming and memorable video) with a brilliant updated lyric by one of the writers, Alan O’Day. Imagine Casey starting off …”I just heard the news today…another rocker passed away followed by Crystal, and so on and so forth. Talking about impact and out of the box!”

Artie – “What is the most exciting thing about even being considered as an “American Idol Judge?

Joel –  “In addition to changing the lives of some very talented kids, it is also the unselfish ingredient that ‘American Idol Gives Back”, the show’s charitable arm, utilizing their gargantuan presence to raise money to save over a million lives already in Africa!  Who would have ever thought that a mosquito net, which costs only ten dollars, can protect one or more children from getting malaria?”

Joel continues, “Artie, you’re gonna’ have to excuse me- I need to run off to the studio.”

Artie – “Thank you for taking a few minutes with us. This is Artie Wayne on The Web, and that was Joel Diamond on “American Idol”.

Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/

To Reach “AMERICAN IDOL GIVES BACK” http://www.americanidol.com/idolgivesback/

For Joel Diamond http://www.joeldiamond.com/Bio/index.html

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  1. carol ross-durborow Says:

    i am thrilled to see the support for joel ….it would be great to see him in ‘that seat’…his knowledge, his music intuition and his genuine love for great talent will be an asset to the show

  2. Barry Oslander Says:

    Joel the judge…Sounds like a hit song. As all that he records. Joel I wish you all that you wish for with this gig, but most important in life…Give the kid a hug from Blaire and me.
    Barry O

  3. Sunny Monday Says:

    Hey Joel,
    I watch “American Idol”. When I heard that Simon was leaving I was bummed. Then I read Artie’s blog and he mentioned you might replace Simon. Artie, what a great idea !!!! I thought “there is HOPE”. Someone that I know personally who was tailor made for this position, and that someone is YOU !!!!! I would be soooo excited if you replaced Simon. I know that you are still the same great talented person that I knew back in the 60’s and I could just see you, Kara, Ellen and Randy complimenting each other and bringing something unique to the plate. You are certainly qualified. You’ve got the goods.I think you’re ready to be the “STAR”! At least in my eyes you are, and Artie’s and Barry’s and Ronnie’s and Ellen’s and wouldn’t Al Peckover be proud! All the Best !
    Sunny Monday 🙂

  4. Joel,
    I am so happy to see that you are being considered for an American Idol judge. You have always been a great talent and a good man. Best of luck!
    Lighting a candle,

  5. Pop Idol (UK Version) died on its ass after Cowell launched ‘X Factor’ in the UK. With the 2011 launch of the US X Factor, American Idol is going to have to seriously up its game if it doesn’t want to follow suit. The panel needs a new and not necessarily famous replacement. You can keep the overrated & overpaid Howard Stern, Cowell clone Piers Morgan & inexperienced Adam Lambert; they NEED a candidate with industry chops and a personality we can fall in love with. Checking all the boxes, Joel could do this job standing on his head…and probably would if you asked him nicely….

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