May 9, 2010

“Whenever a line or idea came to me, seemingly from out of the blue I considered it a gift. It was only during times of great emotional stress, however, when I channeled entire songs. The next time this happened was when my Grandmother passed away in 1974.

When I heard the news, I flew back to New York from Hollywood, where I was general manager of Warner Brothers Music. Although for the past few years I had been concentrating on promoting other people’s songs … now I was compelled to write again.

During the three-day period, from the time she passed until her funeral …Gooma came to me in my darkened hotel room several times. She talked to me in her usual comforting tone… told me not to cry or be afraid. She smiled and said I should be happy for her…that she was finally out of pain.

She didn’t look like the 83 year old that I revered…but like the thirty year old, whose picture lived in the family album. She sat across from me slightly illuminated by what seemed to be a light coming from within. She told me that we all have guides from the other side who anonymously give us information daily…but from now on she would be my personal guide.”

To hear “From The Inside” performed by Janelle Sadler produced by Art Munson and me


Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/

Photo at top my aunt Wan, me, and my mother.

photo at bottom right “Gooma”

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  1. I believe that for sure. I had very profound experience when My Daddy passed to let me know he was connecting with me and he was in a place of pure love.I was touched by this and felt it completely and it has never left me.

  2. Jock Bethune Says:

    What a beautiful and wonderful experience!!!
    God bless “Gooma”!
    6 months after my wife died and 10 months after my mother-in-law died I had a wonderful dream sent from them that they were fine! If you’d like to hear the story in more detail, please send me a message to bethune2@flash.net.
    I have had some other experiences since that time that were, as I put it, “God sent”!
    But it has not been easy and I am only now pretty much back to “normal” and its been 4 and a half years!
    Thanks, Artie, for sharing your experience!!

  3. sharon link Says:

    So nice of you to dedicate this Mother’s day to important women you’ve loved. GREAT PICTURES!!

  4. Wedigo Watson Says:

    Artie, thanks for sharing your memories of your grandmother & for the song it inspired.

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