May 27, 2010

This morning my good friend producer/manager Joel Diamond, who is under consideration to replace Simon Cowell, gave me a first hand account of what happened last night at the “AMERICAN IDOL” finale.  Joel says,

“Last night my 17 year old daughter Briana and I had great seats at the Nokia Theater in Hollywood, for the season finale of “AMERICAN IDOL” and it sure did not disappoint! In the closest race of the 9 seasons of the show, with only 2% of the vote separating Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze, Lee deservedly walked away with the crown.

How moving was the tribute to Simon Cowell, who seemed to genuinely enjoy all the roasting, kudos, and accolades from everybody, including former judge Paula Abdul who looked absolutely gorgeous when the curtain rose on her. There were spectacular guest performances by Alice Cooper, Christina Aguilera, Bee Gees, Chicago, Janet Jackson, Joe Cocker, Christina Aguilera, Michael McDonald, and Alanis Morrisette, which included duets with members of the final top ten and certainly what seemed to be almost straight from his hospital bed, the surprise appearance of Brett Michaels, which brought everybody to their feet.

Another highlight of the evening for me was the former winners, runners up, and exceptional past contestants all coming out dressed in white,  which dazzled the crowd with their moving Simon Cowell tribute.

Artie, I’ve been to Academy Awards, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, etc., but I’ve never seen the excitement that I saw last night at the Nokia Theater.  It was total pandemonium both inside and outside the theater.

I would give anything to have a shot at producing just one track with either Crystal or Lee! Having said that, I’m now in the process of recording a new CD with the JOEL DIAMOND EXPERIENCE, which will feature duets by both veteran artists as well as new and underexposed artists.  The first single from the album, UNITED WE STAND (2010) featuring BENNY MARDONES (who wrote and was the artist on “Into The Night” which will also be Usher’s next single) and Teresa James, was just rush released yesterday.

It was also quite interesting bump into and chat with after the show many of the music industry notables, both artists and behind the scenes executives, who already knew about my being considered as the next American Idol Judge.  One of them even said to me, ‘I bet you were already backstage in Simon’s dressing room trying on one of his black T shirts to see if it fits’.”



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  1. Bonnie Carlin Cane Says:

    Joel Diamond would be the experience & knowledge to American Idol, as Len Goodman is the experience & knowledge to Dancing With the Stars.

    • JOEL DIAMOND is the Best of the BEST! He deserves “AMERICAN IDOL” and AMERICAN IDOL deserves JOEL DIAMOND! His comments about Talent is Helpful mixed with Amazing! Just look at his Track record and current Projects http://www.Joel Diamond.com

  2. I think either one of them , Lee or Chrystal deserved the crown. Personally I wanted Chrystal to win from the very start but have to say that Lee also won my heart by the end of the show. I still wanted Chrystal to win but to also feel like Lee was a humble and deserving and great Artist also. Thanks for all the links so I can see them again. Really appreciate all the great things you do for the Music and Music people.May The Blessings Be……..

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