June 28, 2010

A few months ago my friend producer/ manager, Joel Diamond, who’s under consideration to replace Simon Cowell on “American Idol”, and I were talking about the problems facing America today.Both of us wished that we could do more to help the country that has given us so many opportunities. The next day I got an e-mail from him, which he has allowed me to reprint.

Dear Artie,

I’m not a politician or even a reality show star; I’m just a guy who loves America and everything it stands for!  We are dealing with more crises at the same time than any other point in our history…but we cannot let it get us down.

While the rest of the world is in turmoil, we can proudly say that we have never turned away from a challenge because it looked too difficult or when it looked impossible.

I truly believe in America and the unifying power of music. It moved me so much that I recorded this brand new version of “UNITED WE STAND” by the Joel Diamond Experience featuring Benny Mardones and Teresa James in preparation for the 10th anniversary of 911.  Upon completion of this recording, I realized that America needed to hear it NOW!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sil-Hdlipo


Happy Birthday America! July 4th, 2010

Your friend always,

Joel Diamond

Copyright 2010 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/

To reach Joel Diamond  http://joeldiamond.com

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  1. Joe Cerisano Says:

    Benny Mardones! Wow… a name from the past… One hellava’ singer.

  2. Barry Oslander Says:

    Joel your letter is wonderful and I also feel the same way about the USA as I am sure every military person does who is willing to die for this great country of ours….And so many more who call the USA home. Your not alone and that is only good or better great.
    Artie thanks for having the heart and mind to understand that we are all so very lucky to have been born in the USA or live in the USA and for putting Joel’s letter on your site.
    As for Benny, Well this friend can sing the phone book and be on key with every name and make it sound like a number one hit song…So, I am sure this new song will hit the charts but more important hit the hearts of all who call the USA home.
    Barry Oslander

  3. Mike Edwards Says:

    Hi Artie,

    Thanks to Joel for the music and to you for making it available. It’s a very timely reworking of Brotherhood Of Man’s message song from 1970, “United We Stand”. Forty years later, we still need the message. A recent Wall St Journal/NBC poll found that 62% of those surveyed felt that America is on the wrong track and 30% said they “do not really relate” to Mr. Obama. Staggering, particularly at a time when we are fighting two overseas wars. No, I’m not a politician either but I realize that we have an elected President who “is dealing with more crises at the same time than (at) any other point in our history”
    So at such a time, if this excellent rework of a 40 year old call for unity gets us united behind our President, I’m all for it.

  4. heyricky Says:

    Is Mr. Diamond British? He’s not related to drummer dinky Diamond of Sparks is he?

  5. I totally agree with Joel Diamond on his remarks. I will always stand behind our great country and believe that we can overcome any and all obstacles we face. We Americans have to believe in ourselves once again and support our government and President with respect. I am not an Obama lover and his policies but as an American, I truly feel this is our duty to respect him. It will show the world what we stand for. This song is incredible and a perfect time to surface on the eve of our holiday honoring the freedom we have as Americans. God Bless our Nation!

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